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Is it possible to have a facebook page with a custom URL?

Asked by wilco (63points) March 30th, 2008 from iPhone

I just created a facebook page and have noidea how to make a custom URL. such as :

any thoughts?

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booooo. i’ve seen a few bands that do have them.. such as:
just can’t figure out why..

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It appears that they give custom Urls to big name bands and businesses. It’s through the ads and pages thing. Dave Matthews band has a custom url, so does American Eagle Outfitters, but local businesses don’t.

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if you start a business page it’s possible.

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thanks for the information! i figured it was something to do with that.. but was hoping there was just a setting area i was missing, or something. thanks for the responses!

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are you in the band wilco? cause that would be rad.

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