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Can Somebody help me with my DVD Ripping and Playing?

Asked by pplufthesun (607points) March 30th, 2008

Im using DVDRip, DVDshrink, and DvdPlay from that list, and for some reason, when I attempt to play back movies, it will not play. Additionally, if I open the files separately, there in Spanish. Can Anybody help me?

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here’s a program that is easy and works perfectly. it’s called “hand brake”.. and you can check it out here:

it’s a free download too. i’ve never had any problems with it, but i have with other programs. hand brake is super easy. hope that it helps!

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Ive tried using handbrake but the thing is that it only rips the movie, and not the menu and other featuresthat a dvd has.

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oh okay.. you want the menus as well? or just the special features.. because in hand brake you can select each special feature and rip it as well.

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I want it as if there is a dvd on my computer.

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gotcha. sorry, i’ve never found anything that works like that.

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I’m not sure exactly how “DvdPlay” works but I know that some players will not play just any old VIDEO_TS folder (especially if it is not located on removable media – Windows Media Player acts this way I think). If you haven’t tried already, install VLC and use File > Open Disc… and use the VIDEO_TS folder option. If that doesn’t work then something might be going wrong in the ripping and shrinking phase.

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Try mac the ripper its super easy to use and extracts the VIDEO_TS folder which contains the movie then just use VLC Player to play each of the .VOB files.
Mac the ripper also removes any copy protection so you can re-burn them to a dvd to make copies.

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