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My internet Explorer can not open on my Compaq Laptop.

Asked by marialisa (464points) September 30th, 2010

Error “HTTP 403 forbidden” is what it says. I have contacted ISP provider. My wireless works but I can not even enter any web page address ect.
I have Windows Vista. Do I have a virus?
I have tried to restore system and it still doesnt work.

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Tried using a different browser?

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How do I use a different browser when I cant get on internet at all to download it?

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If you have a thumb drive, you could download it using whatever computer you are using to write to Fluther.

Portable Firefox is good for that, it will run from the thumb drive, no need to install.

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First of all, it would help the answerers of this thread if you could respond with a little more information about your setup:

1. What version of Internet Explorer are you using?
2. What kind of internet connection do you have (dial-up, ISDN, DSL, cable, satellite, T1, etc)?
3. Who’s your ISP?
4. Are you connecting to the internet through a router?

Have you checked to make sure you’re not “Working Offline”? In Internet Explorer, pull down the menus until you see a “Work Offline” option. If it’s got a check mark next to it, you won’t be able to access any webpages. Just click it to remove the check mark, then try loading your webpage again.

If that doesn’t work, try firing up your command prompt and pinging a well-established site like google. Go to Start -> Run, type in “cmd” without the quotes, and press enter. You’ll be faced with a black command prompt. In the prompt, type “ping” without the quotes. If it says something like “64 bytes received in 32 ms,” then you’re connected to the internet. If it says something like, “request timed out” then you’ve got connectivity problems.

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It is a good opportunity to change to other web browser. Internet Explorer, as many people know, is lousy & unreliable & sometimes frustrating to use. Why not try out Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari? At least two of them (if not all) are good for you.

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@citizenearth @camertron @jaytkay @sandystrachan
I now have the portable firefox browser on a flash drive. Now what?
My ISP is Qwest and my internet connection is wireless and fine.

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