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Where can I find archives of Daily Herald articles?

Asked by cubozoa (1198points) September 30th, 2010

I have a relative who wrote for the Daily Herald ( from 1933–1943. I’d quite like to see what he had to say for himself! Does anyone know where can I find archives for the paper from this time, either on or off-line?

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You could try your local public or university library. They usually have subscription to newspaper databases such as America’s Newspapers which can go back several decades.

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I looks their web page only has archives of their online content. Other than that, I would suggest that you follow @SuperMouse‘s advice. Check with your local public library or university library and talk to their reference librarian about how best to find what you are looking for. Are you looking for a particular article or are you researching a particular subject? Either way reference librarians are a terrific resource sometimes sadly overlooked in the internet age. Also, a library card will allow you access to databases and resource that you can’t necessarily easily access on the internet but can access through your libraries server.

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Hi @lillycoyote, not sure you have the right Daily Herald there! I’m talking Manchester (UK) rather than Chicago.
I suspect you might be right about consulting public libraries, though.

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Besides @SuperMouse and @lillycoyote‘s suggestion, you can also ask the Daily Herald if you can look in to their archives, be it in their offline one, or their (possible) online one.

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@rebbel I think the Daily Herald shut up shop in 1964, so I’m not sure there is anyone around to ask.

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Ah, that could be problematic then, yes.
But they were not taken over by another paper that you know of?
And still, i would think that any paper would keep their archives, be it that they started a foundation to do so, or some other way.
Good luck with it, anyway!

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@cubozoa LOL!!! I got all mixed up there more than usual, I don’t know what happened. I was actually thinking UK but thinking Telegraph at some point so I thought it was one still around and then gave you Chicago. Don’t listen me, ever again, Mea Culpa. Except that think the second half of my advice is still sound though. :-) The devil is in the details and I always fail to read them. Again, never, every listen to a word I say. Except that think the second half of my advice is still sound though

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@lillycoyote The second half of your answer was just fine! So, maybe I should only listen to you half of the time ever again. ;-)

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@cubozoa I found them!

I have been trying diligently to restore your faith me and I think, by George, I’ve got it.

They are now at the National Media Museum in Bradford, West Yorkshire

Access to the Archive
“As part of the Museum’s role of encouraging the public understanding of photography and its relationship to other aspects of the media, it will make the images within the archive available for examination by students of photography and media communications, social historians, picture researchers and other relevant individuals and institutions.”

“The Daily Herald Archive is housed in Insight: the Museum’s Collections & Research Centre. To make an appointment to see the archive, contact us on 0870 70 10 200.”

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@rebbel Actually, once again, I have jumped the gun, skimming is my achilles heel and will be my ultimate undoing. no doubt On closer reading the museum only appears to have their photographic archive, but if @cubozoa contacts them they might be able to him closer to the paper’s full archive. Better, apparently than I seem to be able to, but I may yet get the answer, I’m like a dog with a bone now. :-)

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Faith more than restored! Thanks @lillycoyote !

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