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What causes our hair and eyes to change color as we age?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25302points) September 30th, 2010

I would have thought that they would get lighter as we age, but mine have gotten progressively darker. I was born with very blonde hair -almost white, really. As a child it was golden blonde, eventually in my teens it became dishwater, and now at 28 I’d say my natural color is a light/medium brown.
My eyes have also gotten darker. They were clearly blue when I was a baby and a child, and as I get older they are becoming more and more green.

What actually causes this?

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Reactions to hormones, according to a quick Googling.

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So its not just me then. I was just like you, almost white as a child, blonde as a young teen, age 27 its now black. my eyes where blue, they are now green. I always suspected it was “something” I had been putting in my body.

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This is how I am too! My dad was a blonde-hair-blue-eye baby, now he’s got green eyes and nearly black hair (though it’s actually grey now). My brother and I are both extremely like this, and my sister not so much. By the time I’m in my 20s I’ll probably be extremely dark. I’ve always thought it was just developing into how your body really is going to look.

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I was always a towhead growing up. My hair was white blonde, then it went strawberry blonde, and then in my teens became dirty blonde. Now, like you, I’d say my hair is light brown are dark blonde.

My eyes haven’t gotten darker, though, but they’re a bit unusual in that they change colors frequently.

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I started with dark hair and now it is going white. I started with blue eyes and now they are going grey. I think I must live in the opposite universe of you all . . . .

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Here is one source:

“Why does it change? Genetics is the key as experimenters learned by studying twins. They observed the eyes and skin of identical twins and non-identical twins of American Caucasians between the ages of 3 months to 6 years.

Both sets of twins showed a “darkening with age of both the hair and eye colour,” says Sturm. The identical twins changed color together, at essentially the same rate. The non-identical twins changed color but at different rates, which indicates a “strong genetic influence in the timing of these colour changes.”

Eye color probably changes for the same reason we have one head instead of two: genes. Genes determine all body characteristics — including changing eye color as we age.”

There is more information eye color change, including aging and diseases, particularly in Caucasians.

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I was entirely brown-haired for a while, until one day I noticed one or two blond hairs in my mustache. They’re still there, and they haven’t spread, but it was a bit of a surprise nonetheless.

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Me too me too! Ive not gone to brown, but it definitely grown is a darker blonde now. I read that is the way it is with blondes…and that it’s very rare for folks in adulthood to have super light hair naturally (without the aid of sun or chemicals).
My bet is hormones, as previously mentioned.

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isn’t it the hormones?

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The change of hair colour from very light blond as a kid to a darker brown as an adult, is a sign that you have distant Saxon ancestry. My hair did the same. I’ve never heard of eye colour changing with age though.

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I went from very blonde to dark blonde. Now I am seeing gray. If I let the gray take over . ( I dye it ) I would be 100% and I am almost eyes though have always been hazel. Hmm

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My youngest sister has very similar eye color to mine. She is 10 years younger than me and hers are just now starting to turn from blue to green.. so it isn’t just me.

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