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Does eye color change with age?

Asked by meagan (4665points) July 23rd, 2010

I’ve noticed lately that my eyes are changing colors. More specifically, the left brown and the right is getting blue.
Seeing as I don’t really want it to keep progressing (and me looking like a Husky dog) – does it stop?
Do your eyes change color as you age?

My grandmother’s first driver’s license said she had brown eyes and now they’re bright blue. So maybe this is common?

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No. I don’t think so. Mine has not changed in like forty years.

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No, mine are still dark brown.
Perhaps cataracts?

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@chyna I doubt it. I still go to my annual optometrist appointment, and surely it wouldn’t just sneek up on me. Not to mention I’m only 21.

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I meant your grandmother. :-)

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@chyna :P! Oh, no.

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Blue eyes tend to get a ‘watery’ smokey look.

Mine shift around, from vibrantly blue to watery gray, especially in the allergy zone. lol

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^ Exactly the same here!

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@Coloma hmmm my eyes are blue and that never happens. Maybe I should look closer.

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Maybe you arn’t old enough yet for the watery blue eyed look. lol

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Mine have gone from dark brown to bright green. The drivers license office made me change the color listed from brown to green. I’ve noticed that I’m more sensitive to bright lights now too.

I don’t know if I should blame Computers or Jesus. But I’ll find something to blame. You can be sure of that.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies I am struck by the irony that someone with your screen name would suffer from eye change colors such that it was necessary to change it on your license. Not that your eyes aren’t real eyes of course, but wow . . .

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Not normally with age, but mine change color pretty frequently for other reasons.
Of course, that may just be a quirk of Hazel eyes.

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Science says that eye color can change as a person ages & I know that my eye color is now more hazel than the blue that they were when I was younger.

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@Coloma it must not be age. As it turns out my eyes change like yours do, i just needed to notice it.

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