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Fluther men: Do any of you dye your hair? Why or why not?

Asked by jca (36059points) June 12th, 2015

Recently there have been a few hair questions on Fluther lately – are the men bald, do the women dye their hair, and why or why not.

I am just curious if any Jelly men dye their hair.

Fluther men: Do you dye your hair? Why or why not?

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Nope. I don’t have much gray for a 60 year old, except my mustache.

Older men who dye their facial hair look odd, like somebody attacked them with a paint brush.

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A friend had been looking for a new job for over a year and felt compelled to color his hair then finally landed a job in another month or so.

Mine’s all gray. (With some luck I won’t have to look for another job and might retire first.)

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I think my husband will serious consider doing it when the time comes. He talks about every time he cuts out a couple of greys. I figure I will spot dye his hair with my home hair dye at first. My color is lighter than his, but I think on a few hairs it will look pretty natural. Unless suddenly he has huge patches of grey.

If he dyes his hair it will be because he dreads getting old, dying, and also because his hair has always been something people comment on. My grandmother used to reach out and touch his hair.

@dabbler My husband is job hunting now, and if he was grey I would tell him to dye his hair while interviewing.

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What hair? Nothing to dye.

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Nope, and I never will. I like my salt n’ peppa hair.

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I think older men look older with their hair colored. I like mine as it is: salt and peppered.

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Solid Grey. Been that way for quite some time now. I would never color it simply because it is way too much work to maintain a different color and hair looks pretty stupid when the roots are a different color. My older brother was bald by 20. My younger brother was bald by 30. I still have a full head of hair and the color looks good.

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I tried covering the gray about 25 years ago. Looked fairly good and nobody noticed. Nobody except Dad. He noticed it right off and said so right off. You go, Dad…

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I’ve been known to colour my pubes foliage green, makes my penis look like a startled snake about to strike from a bush.

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As long as the foliage is not poison ivy, that ought to be effective.

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Full disclosure: I just took a look at my hair in the bright light of day. More salt than pepper.

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Nope like the salt and pepper look,and right now at my age I am happy just to have a full head of hair, where baldness runs pretty heavy in the men in our family.

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My brother, 58 at the time, dyed his beard before his wedding. I don’t know if it was his choice or done upon the urging of his wife. It looked okay, but it stood out to those of us who knew him, which was pretty much all that attended. That was eight years ago, and he hasn’t dyed it since.

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No thorns in the bush, one prick is enough.

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Seriously pointless and too much trouble. Fortunately I can’t see the sea of white. On the trips to the barber is when I watch the clippings tumble to the floor, and notice how very few black hairs are among them. No point in dyeing my hair. Less trouble to simply remove the mirrors from the house.

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No I don’t. I need a reason why not? I don’t see why I would. Also, having seen what women go through dying their hair, I 100x don’t want to do that.

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I like older men with gray and S&P hair. Most dye jobs on men just look really phoney, I don’t find that kind of vanity attractive in a man at all. The basics of good grooming are good enough for me.

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@Coloma “Most dye jobs on men just look really phoney”

They do. And most dye jobs on women look just as phoney. It’s amazing that we bother to pretend, when the hair dye indicates a woman’s age as easily as grey hair does.

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When I first started turning grey I thought about it. Then when the grey exploded all over my head I got compliments on the shade and evenness so I kept it that way. I had an intern comment on how nice and even my grey was coming in, not all splotchy like the other old guys. Gaah! twist the knife! She was even running her fingers through it while commenting.

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“other old guys”

@majorrich – I feel your pain…

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My husband only tried it a few times for special occasions but has stopped. He gets a weekly hair cut and washes his hair everyday. He still likes sporting a military cut high and tight. So its only about half an inch on top and he likes it shaven on the side and back. It just wouldn’t be worth the money. He would have to dye it 2 times a week and he would be mostly coloring the top only because he would only be coloring mostly skin on the side. That would look weird.

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No. I’m fine with the color it is now.

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