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I want to learn spanish. im not sure which option is best. community college classes? rosetta stone computer courses? online classes? any other ideas?

Asked by buster (10239points) March 30th, 2008

learning spanish.

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I used Rosetta Stone with French and was astounded at the results. I highly recommmend it. If you like to sing I recommend singing your lessons. It is a classic memorization trick that works almost every time.

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Consigue un trabajo en un restaurante mexicano!Get a job in a mexican restaurant!

Adding to Riser’s comment – Since you yodel, you could yodel your lessons on Rosetta Stone!Just a thought

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I also agree that Rosetta Stone is a great program! I haven’t used it, but my dad uses it for Italian and he LOVES it & learning so fast.

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Nintendo DS has a game, My Spanish Coach, I haven’t played it, but I’ve played its sister game, My Word Coach- it’s really fun and then you also have a nintendo ds, which is one of the best things on the planet!!!

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Once you have some basic grammar down, you should consider taking some time to immerse yourself in a spanish speaking country. There have already been some discussions on Fluther of the best places to go to learn Spanish. Be sure to do a program where you stay with a family, preferably with kids. Kids can teach you so much language because they won’t mind telling you the same simple words over and over, and they will never lose interest in the strange person in their presence.

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work anywhere in the US and you will make Spanish friends fast. They typically enjoy teaching us their language. I also had Spanish in school so it was alot easier for me to pickup. Taking it at a community college is a great idea because I think you could learn easier in a structured classroom setting. Buena suerte!

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