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"TouchClarity Targeting iFrame" window opens when FireFox redirects to IE. Should I be worried?

Asked by YoBob (12846points) October 1st, 2010

I am a Firefox user but have a “always open this page in IE” plug in for those web pages that sometimes don’t display well under Firefox. One such web page is the on-line brokerage I use. When re-directing it opens not one but two windows, the homepage I am trying to reach and an additional window titled ”[Hidden] TouchClarity Targeting Frame”.

Anybody have a clue what this “TouchClarity” window is all about?

Should I be worried?

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From (emphasis mine):

Omniture bought behavioral targeting company Touch Clarity for $51.5 million

Sounds like spyware, do you have a spyware scanner? (For product recommendations, ask other users as I don’t use them.) Also sounds like this window normally isn’t supposed to be displayed but your plug-in made it appear nonetheless – without it you wouldn’t even have known you’re being followed.

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