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What does "jumps off the screen" mean?

Asked by foxhidden (44points) October 1st, 2010

In a article from says that Oracle plans to acquire chipmakers. There is one sentence from the article says: “You’ve got to think it’s (Oracle) focused on enterprise hardware, on the server,” he said. “AMD jumps off the screen.”

what does “AMD jumps off the screen.” mean ? It means AMD has a strong probability to be acquired or has a little probability?

The original article is here:

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AMD is a relatively small manufacturer but well established in the industry.

In this context, AMD “jumps off the screen” at the guy doing the research into acquiring companies for Oracle to add to their portfolio because it’s so obvious; it’s the first thing he’d notice.. He’s also looking at Nvidia and IBM’s chip manufacturing division, but AMD is the one that really stands out from an acquisition perspective.

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In my opinion, it’s a poor choice of words. “Jumps off the screen” is generally reserved for things that are ON a screen (meaning, a monitor or TV screen) and by their physical characteristics (bold text, graphic images, size, movement, etc.) they really stand out to a viewer in a physical way… no “thought” required.

AMD is a chipmaker in the same business as Intel, and it’s much smaller. If it’s true that Oracle is in the market for chipmakers (I didn’t read the article) then the name AMD “springs to mind” for people who know that business. But AMD doesn’t “jump off the screen” because of the way it’s written or presented in the article, I’m sure, so it’s a lousy metaphor.

It takes some thought and some knowledge of the industry for this conclusion to be apparent, as @robmandu pointed out.

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Before electronic media became so prevalent, the saying was more often “jumps off the page”, again to symbolize something that is very eye-catching and captures the attention of the reader.

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