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Have you ever laughed when it was perhaps considered inappropriate to do so & if you have, what were the circumstances behind it?

Asked by ucme (46349points) October 1st, 2010

On numerous occasions when I was growing up I found myself in this predicament. Either with my brothers or some of my friends. Maybe a telling off at school or from our Mum. An atmosphere not at all conducive to humour. Once someone starts you off however, well there’s very little can be done to stop the laughing fit. Just a little old glint in the eye of a fellow “conspirator” or an exaggerated cough intended to hide or mask a laugh.That’s all it can take sometimes. So, any memories of this or at least something close. Maybe even to this day you could accurately be described without fear of contradiction as a giggler :¬)

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I once laughed my way through a production of Hamlet, which of course, is not meant to be the least bit funny except for maybe the gravedigger scene. The other audience members around me were very uncomfortable except for my friend who kept punching me in the ribs. But the community theater staging the tragedy did such a poor job of it that I had to laugh. It was simply silly.

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I laughed during sex.
Toupees are funny.or maybe it was a woodchuck?

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I actually do this more than I should… work we were discussing two co workers: the man was kicked out of the navy for doing drugs, but he also got the newly 20 year old airmen pregnant. So they get married and now she is supporting him (although he just got a job 2 weeks ago). The young girl is…to put it nicely…a filthy slut. Some were having a serious discussuion about if the kid is even her husbands…..I started laughing hysterically.

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@lucillelucillelucille No don’t do that, it’ll flop out & i’m not talking about the wig here :¬)
@Blackberry I must confess I still regularly find myself doing it. Can’t help myself. Laughing boy must have his way :¬)

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My friend and I were on our way to the movies and she told me she had narcolepsy and I laughed because I totally thought she was kidding. She was serious. I felt bad, but it didn’t seem to bother her. Then she fell asleep during the movie.

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@Vunessuh Oh yeah, that one is the worst. I laughed at someone who told me they got an STD because I thought they were joking. I even jokingly said back that they were a disgusting human being…...douchebag of the year award for me.

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I laugh at inappropriate things all the time, the most recent one I can remember was a couple months back when it came on the news that a guy called Raul Moat had been shooting people at random in some town in the UK. and i laughed my ass off. everyone around me looked at me like i was a monster. and yes, while it is tragic that people where killed, my laughing did not contribute to their deaths. what can i say, i find maniacs on a killing spree funny. any time socciety starts to break down chances are ill laugh at it. even if i do think its horrible.

EDIT: hmm, not sure now if it was the raul moat killing spree or the other one a couple of weeks before.

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I laughed out loud my first time having sex…it just struck me as hilarious! XD

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I definitely laugh at in appropriate things people tell me ; then they inform me, “it isn’t funny!” But to me they Are funny for some reason.
I had a Mormon couple who were friends. I had thought her husband was a flirt while she was very straight laced. She told me she was walking down a hallway with a girlfriend of hers when her husband, Mr Mormon, came up to them , took the girl and put his arm around her and began walking her down the hallway in Front of my friend. Just the picture of it made me laugh and that hurt her feelings. Oh, dear.

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The man that my brother-in-law got to officiate at my sister’s memorial service was an old, burnt out druggie just like Rev. Jim on Taxi. He started the service, and then said he was going to play a song. He picked up a guitar and began to play “Happy Trails to You”. All I could think of was my sister watching this and laughing her ass off, and I broke up. I quickly put a tissue to my face and turned away. People thought I was crying.

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I laugh at the cute things the children do, then I realize when they get older, they will get punished for doing it, like when the 16 month old hits me.

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@lucillelucillelucille I’ve done that, but it had nothing to do with a toupee…it was the sound of her boobs slapping together that I found hilarious.

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@FutureMemory -She should’ve worn a couple of toupees to muffle the sound.

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I also laughed at someone’s response as why they don’t believe in evolution: “I just don’t get how what I do has an effect on my kids…”.

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Yes i have! And one of them was really bad. The one time me and a friend got into trouble for playing on a cart thingy in the hallways at school, since we were not allowed to play on it. While he was giving us a “speech” as to why we were in trouble, i started laughing and i have no idea why! It was embarrassing. The bad one was when me and my sister were playing Barbie and i suppose we made our Barbies do something funny so we were in a laughing mood. But then my dad came to us and said that his aunt had passed away, and we started giggling. :/

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