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What fancy dress costumes do you own & on what occasions have/will they be worn?

Asked by ucme (46460points) September 26th, 2010

If you don’t actually own any, do you hire any for a certain occasion or are you simply not interested in “dressing up”?

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Just to clarify, do you mean fancy dress as in the English meaning which would be what we call a costume in the States? To the best of my understanding, fancy dress in the States would be very formal clothes but in England it means a costume such as you would wear on Halloween or to a costume party.

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@janbb Yeah, you know I had a feeling it may have been lost in translation. I mean costumes in the English sense yes. Hopefully that will clear things up. Thanks for pointing that out, although I probably should have spotted it myself.

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I have a tuxedo. So I’m ready for both definitions. Weddings and gala social events, plus I can be James Bond or a groom or a penguin for Halloween.

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@jaytkay A tuxedo does not a penguin make! Just sayin’

@ucme Having lived in England and married to a limey, I am very aware of some of these “lost in translation” issues.

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@janbb On the Internet, nobody knows I’m not a penguin.

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I have gowns,dresses and suits that I have worn to art openings,benefits,weddings,dates and other occasions.I’ve got it covered!
As for costumes…quite a few.I LOVE Halloween! :)

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I’m still a little bit confused about the definition.
I don’t own much formalwear anymore, I just haven’t had a need for it. I have a few cocktail dresses that I rely on for special occasions, otherwise I just buy what I need to suit the event.
As for costumes, I couldn’t even tell you what I have anymore between my closet and my attic. Wigs, dresses, corsets, stilettos, false eyelashes, a velvet top with black ribbon that laces all the way up the back. Sheesh, I dunno.. I am a huge fan of Halloween. I also have a cow costume floating around here somewhere. Also cat ears, mouse ears, and potentially tails.. but I’m not sure.

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Last halloween I went to an 80s halloween party… so I went as Zuul… I make the costume myself – bought the materials, borrowed a sewing machine, pinned it all out etc… only thing is my hair is straight, so I spent all day with it in lots of little daft plaits in an attempt to make it curly… which was quite funny as the party was a three hour drive away – I got some looks when I stopped for coffee (no, not in costume, just with the hair!)...

A few years back I went to a James Bond party as the “woman the morning after”... I wore a man’s white shirt, and erm, some stilletoes… (and underwear of course, who do you think I am?!?!!!) Sure beat all the other ladies wearing posh black frocks!

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Police hat, cuffs, a police shirt and black boots, boots, ass kicking boots.

It’s for “fun”. ;-)

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As a former costumer, I have a closet full of fancy clothing, including several gowns and wear that would be appropriate for formal occasions, along with themed clothing.

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@YARNLADY This is kind of random, but do you have any bunny ears?

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I’m going to change my picture because my currently zebra colored hair will be a better match with my bunny ears than the salt and pepper of a couple of years ago.

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I have… * clears throat *

A Civil War era day dress in green check (aren’t those stripes horrible? Yuck!)
A Civil War era promenade dress in white with blue print.
A grey Viking female costume – the historical type, not the comic book type.
A white Mediaeval Fantasy-esque gown (very versatile! I was Galadriel for Halloween last year, for example) (best pic I have. I’m usually the one behind the camera)
A Doric Chiton, male version (my costume this year. Artemis dresses like a boy.)
A black leatherette dress that looks like something I’d have to wear to an S&M club. I used it once over a gauzy, ripped up gown to be a gothic fairy.
A nun’s habit. Never worn it, though.
Enough regalia to pass as a decent deckhand on a pirate ship.

…And enough fabric to make just about anything else, depending on the occasion. ^_^ There are never enough fancy dress events around here.

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I’m still confused as to what sort of “fancy dress” you mean. If you’re talking about halloween costumes and things like that, I have occasionally been known to dress up (I used to go to science fiction conventions, and dressing in character was half the fun). It’s been a while since I did that though. My daughter took me to a cosplay event and persuaded me to dress up as Gojyo (sadly I don’t have any photos). That was fun, even if I didn’t know who 99% of the other characters were.

If you’re talking formal wear, tuxes and gowns, no I don’t own any and never have. I’ve never been to the kind of event that would require wearing something like that, and very likely never will.

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I still fit into my school uniform, and have a pvc nurses uniform…..and i know you’ll know exactly when i wear them :)

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@iammia Grrrrrrrr :¬)

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For anyone still unsure of what was meant. My idea of Fancy Dress!

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I have a bridesmaid dress I have only worn once. I could wear that.

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