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Are there any performers who already made it big but you can tell don't care they are getting paid exorbitantly for their performance, they are just performing well because that is why they made it big in the first place, they're just good?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10799points) October 1st, 2010

I can think of lots of opposite performers. Those that you can tell know that every single gesture they make has a price tag. I find that when someone performs well, and it is authentic…it is really something. Some examples?

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Alan Jackson. he has it made, monentarily, but he appears to enjoy his singing talent, simply because he loves the music.

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I can’t single out any, but most performers who are regularly employed fit that category.

I just thought of one – Richard Gere.

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Johnny Depp

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@hawaii_jake yes I was going to mention him.

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Bruce Springsteen. Just check out this performance of Thunder Road and try to tell me it could ever be just about the money.

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Radiohead. I saw them a couple of years ago and they exemplify this. I think Jonny Greenwood, especially, looked as if he’d rather be doing nothing else than exactly what he was doing at that moment. That is, whenever I got to see any glimpse of his face past the wall of hair.

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@john65pennington I love Alan Jackson. Brad Paisley too.

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Robin Williams has always done his thing just because.

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Freddy Mercury could really work a crowd.

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Robert Deniro…

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