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Would you want to be famous?

Asked by chocolatechip (2999points) April 2nd, 2011

If so, for what reasons? In what circumstances? How old would you want to be or have been? And how well known would you want to be? If not, why not?

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No,I don’t think I would want that at all.
To be under the microscope for any reason would be torture for me.

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Only if I accomplished a terrific thing.

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if it pays the bills, or allows me to make a positive difference in the world. I’d take it.

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I’d want to be semi-famous if it came with a nice paycheck and not too much scrutiny. Maybe owning my own successful business kind of thing in a Fortune 500 successful company kind of way. I would have wanted it to be at age 27 and only because that is the first number that popped in my head. I would want to be well known in the United States but not globally because that just makes sense to me for some strange reason.

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Not really, no. At least not for the wrong reasons or for something that’d have paparazzi and such in the picture. Maybe if it was something worthwhile though.

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Never!!!! Too much responsibility goes with that, you have too many people who look up to you and you have to be on your best behavior at all times I just wouldn’t want to be under the microscope like that.

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No, I’m like @lucillelucillelucille , I wouldn’t like being “watched” all the time.

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When I was much younger I wanted to be a rock star. I can’t sing or play an instrument, but I thought it would be so much fun. Now that I’m older and wiser, I know I would hate to be famous. Photographers taking your picture every time you go out and trying to get the most unflattering pics. No, it wouldn’t be worth it.

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No. I’ve come appreciate my privacy. If I were famous I would have to be somewhat accountable to my fans;).

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Famous as in a celebrity like Lindsey Lohan or some other movie star or music star? No. Every move scrutinized. Followed by photogs. Couldn’t leave the house without your clothes and hair commented upon. No way.

Well known for doing something terrific, that I could handle. For example discovering a vaccine or cure for something, yes, that would be nice.

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I’m already infamous, why would I want to be famous too? : D

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Not at all.

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No. I’d like the money and, especially, if I was contributing something of value such as a book or song that touched people, but…the notoriety, uh uh, I like living in obscurity. lol

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Sure, Thom Yorke or Meryl Streep famous would be fine with me. The press and the paps don’t follow them, do they? They make a nice bit of dosh, too. Everyone raves about the work and then goes about their business. I think that’d be about the level I’d want to handle.

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Yes and no. I’d like to be known for my music and tour the country around small venues where people who had heard me/my band would come out to have a listen and meet me/us. I’d like to be known well enough to attract a crowd and make a living doing what I love while still being able to recluse in the hills while not touring.

I guess fame and celebrity wouldn’t really be what I wanted but I wouldn’t mind flirting with the line there.

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Not at all. I like my privacy.

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Nope, I’m a very private kind of person… I don’t like it when relatives come and wanna see my room….

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I was the wife of the headmaster of a independent Quaker day school with a community of c. 1000 people plus all the parents. It was celebrity by proxy and I disliked being in that role.

My then husband and I used to drive miles out of our way to do our weekly grocery shopping or go to the movies. It was hard not to bump into someone who knew us.

Additionally, our five children were students there so we had that connection, too. I yearned for privacy and anonymity.

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I’d like to be a well-known author, but not to the point where I’m being followed around by anyone or having cameras go off all the time. I guess I’d like for my name to be well-known, but not really my face.

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^^ Behave like J D Salinger. That plan worked for him. Of course, you need to write something original and powerful that captures the imagination of several generations.

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@CaptainHarley Lol XD

I don’t think I’d want to be famous. If I had an affair it would be in those retarded star magazines I see at the grocery store, if I wore a dress that’s short it would be on Yahoo News and I’d feel pretty uncomfortable by people being ’‘interested’’ in every little thing I do, all the way to taking a shit. Being independent and solitary, I’d have a hard time of it. Or so I imagine. Guess I can’t know what it’s like unless I experienced it, but eh.

As for being famous without being a star, I suppose that could be interesting. Being known for something I did, like, I denno, setting up zombie school or something. Could be neat.

But no, really, I’d just rather be rich haha.

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I would like to be well known as a writer of music but not as a performer that way I could stay away from public apearances and people would know my name more than my face,

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I would like to be a successful career musician without being famous, I guess that’s the reason I first took up the drums. No one cares about the drummer.

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Yes…...& no, well okay so I have splinters in my bum from sitting on the fence so much! What of it? ;¬}

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@RareDenver What about Phil Collins? A very famous drummer.

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No thanks.

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I’m planning on it. I’m hoping to have my face plastered all over the “about the author” section of more than a few young adult novels one day.

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Pretty much all the side effects of fame are unattractive to me but it would depend on for what I’m famous. If I really did something globally positive hey why not reap some fair kudos. but I probably would not relish being recognized on the street all the time etc.

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