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Why are underwear and shorts, shirts, & pants seams on the inside where they can rub against you?

Asked by Kraigmo (7816points) October 2nd, 2010

Why is underwear, shorts, shirts, and pants made with the seams and tag on the inside?
Wouldn’t it be more logical to be on the outside of the underwear, where it wouldn’t affect comfort?

Haven’t clothing makers thought of this? And why have they rejected the idea?

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It’s better today than it was. You can at least find underwear that is seamless.

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Fashion has never been about comfort as you can see here. Comfort is a fairly recent design in most clothing.

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I’ve always wondered about undergarments in that way and with the very basic non decorative ones have worn them inside out on purpose to not be chaffed, welted up or gouged.

Why is clothes sewn with seams in? For a polished outside look is all. The more smooth and polished (traditionally) then the finer the garment and the more status given to the wearer. Knickers and undershirts though should be the ultimate in comfort.

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@tranquilsea And underwear and shirts where the labels are printed on the fabric instead of on little flaps off cloth that constantly rub against your butt and the back of your neck!! God bless whoever came up with that one. So simple, yet so long in coming.

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@lillycoyote amen. As a child and teenager I was forever cutting the tags off only to have the remnants rub worse than the original tag.

I’ve passed this particular trait down to my youngest. I feel for him.

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Ummmm, why not just wear it the other side out? Who’s going to say “You’ve got your underwear on wrong”?

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@YARNLADY The ambulance driver/doctor who may need to take my pants off in the event of an emergency lol.

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@tranquilsea Well, at least they won’t be dirty hahahahaha

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@tranquilsea I get the ambulance driver/doctor thing, yes I do! I actually asked my dentist once (I was kidding or was I just half kidding?) if he would expunge something from my dental records so that in the event that they were needed in order to identify my body in the aftermath of a plane crash, explosion or fiery car wreck that that embarrassing little detail wouldn’t be in my records.

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That’s a good one, Lilly.

Maybe the whole notion about uncomfortable undergarments lies somewhere in not wanting us to feel too comfortable with our clothes ON.

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and why does the flap in the front exist anyway… I certainly never use it…. I don’t pee like butters from south park but I don’t use that flap; I go half way… The garment industry can save a few bucks by eliminating that useless feature

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I’ll get right on that.

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As a former ambulance driver, we have more important things to do when we see you than check if your underwear is on inside out.

And if we needed to check, chances are it would be cut off before you ever got to the hospital for the Dr to see.

Heck that wouldn’t even make it onto the charts, so no one would ever know.

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