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Can someone help me make a backcronym?

Asked by weeveeship (4614points) October 2nd, 2010

I want to introduce a semi-fascist organization into my fiction story named TRUTH. However, I don’t know how to turn that into an acronym. Can someone help me with this?

A group of anarchists attacked a city. They were quickly subdued but the city government decided to start a task force called TRUTH to investigate the attack and see if there are more anarchists out there. TRUTH turned out to be a brutal group (kind of like the Evil Empire in Star Wars).

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The Representatives Unearthing Terrorist Hazards

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Taskforce Responsible for Urban Tenant Help

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Troops Resisting Underground Threats and Hazards

Or hey, mix and match these :>)

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Termination of Resistance, Usurpation, Terror, and Honesty

Or, building on @crisw ‘s idea

Taskforce of Resistance, Usurpation, Terror, and honesty

Or something like that. I should be better at this…maybe when I come up with more I’ll come back here. I like to have something like this for my mind to come.

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Theocratic Response Union to Terroristic Hazards?

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To Rectify Unsavory Terrorist Habits.

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