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What to do at Atlantic City?

Asked by pizzaman (210points) October 2nd, 2010

What things are there to do? Are there any activities there that are kid and family friendly? If so, this is your spot to answer!

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Go to the casinos to eat buffets.

You don’t need to gamble.

It’ll also be cool to just check out the city. Monopoly is based on Atlantic City after all.

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Read the discription please. I would like to know kid friendly acticities. Thanks.

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hmmm all thats coming to mind right now would be like eating at rain forest cafe, then headin across the boardwalk to “the pier” and checking out “Its Candy” honestly i dont think theres much to do in atlantic city for kids. at least not that I can think of. Then again I try to distance myself from that god forsaken place. Id much rather just go to ocean city

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Atlantic City may not be that kid-friendly for visiting, but you might like to try finding activities here or here
Good Luck

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I know. I read the description. That’s why I only included eating in my answer. Since Atlantic City’s main attraction is the casinos, it would be hard to avoid going to them altogether. However, you can choose not to gamble if you don’t want to.

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The boardwalk and beach are fairly family friendly. You can ride bikes or roller skate on the boardwalk. Other than that, not much.

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There isn’t much to do and it’s dangerous to be out at night. My friend lives in NJ and they got back two weeks ago. She said there wasn’t much to do. The one time we went there I didn’t feel safe or entertained

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@augustlan id stay the hell away from AC beaches unless you want glass or a discarded needle finding its way into your foot…..

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@uberbatman It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the AC sand, but I had heard it was all cleaned up now. Not so?

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@augustlan no, definitely not. Like I said, if one wants to do the whole beach/board walk experience, theyre much better off heading to Ocean City.

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@uberbatman Thanks for clearing that up. Are we talking Ocean City, MD or is there an OC in NJ, too?

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Ocean city NJ. Ocean city MD is amazing, but i mean if one is in AC why not drive the 20min or so down to Ocean City nj for an actual family friendly experience

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@uberbatman Thanks for that information. If I’m ever back in the area, I’ll remember that tip. :)

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