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Do you agree with Osama bin Laden that climate change is causing great catastrophes throughout the Muslim world?

Asked by kevbo (25621points) October 2nd, 2010 from iPhone


He is quoted as saying, “The huge climate change is affecting our (Islamic) nation and is causing great catastrophes throughout the Islamic world.”

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I would not restrict it to just Muslim countries. its global.

Moscow is usually covered in snow, not too long ago it was on fire because of 100 degree temperatures, Pakistan might as well change its name to atlantis, Haiti is a big pile of rubble, along with several other places. a few weeks ago the north pole had a big chunk of ice break off, the so called biggest chunk in history. and all other kinds of places are having all kinds of other problems.

It started about a year ago with that big tsunami, and since then i have seen a disaster on the news more or less on a monthly basis. im no scientist, but when i was a kid, it was not like that.

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I would not restrict it to just Muslim countries. its global.


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it’s funny how he is jumping on the band wagon built and driven by the far left of the U.S.

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A bit off topic…
I wonder how long before the talking heads on the right compare those in this country who believe in global warming to Osama Bin Laden?

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it proves he’s been out in the boondocks too long and is just now getting caught up on things like this.

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i think someone has been drinking too much koolaid. and next you are going to tell me about the consensus where no such consensus in the scientific community exists.
yeah, golly gee, yall city folk, please suh, learn me sumpn,

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Has got the potential to severely affect people with very low incomes (especially when we look at the time frame 2040 to 2080). Today on average Muslims are poorer than Christians (perhaps because Islam in general has never seen a major reformation and the role of science declined after the year 1300), but so are Hindus and Buddhists. Poor atheists will be affected more as well.

It’s a question of wealth, not religion.

Of course bin Laden said this to fuel further hatred.

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@mattbrowne he said that to curry sympathy from the global warming believers. because the poorest countries, as you stated, mostly muslim, look forward to the huge financial gain through the redistribution of wealth from more prosperous (judeo-christian) nations

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@palerider – Yes. He’s a dangerous lunatic and mass murderer.

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