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It is almost August 2023; Where has the time gone?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24640points) July 28th, 2023

I’m just getting ready for spring.

Are you ready for snow?

Sorry for saying the S-word.

Also it is my 46th birthday today.

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Happy happy birthday @RedDeerGuy1 !! Yes, time is flying by. It just seemed like it was New Years 2023 and now 8 months have gone by.

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Happy Bday!
It’s hard to imagine snow as a bad thing while fighting three digit temps.
Yes, the year is going fast. I look forward to the second week of September. That’s just the best time of year here.

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Happy birthday, dude!!!

I am loving the summer evenings, cooking outside while watching my bird friends on the feeders and on the lawn. It’s picnic season.

I understand the feeling of time fleeting. So recently I was scraping ice off my car window in the morning.

I love snow, I am always ready, but I think the wait will be 4 months to see it.

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Happy happy happy happy ! !

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Happy! Happy! Time flies!

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Happy birthday dude,and as for your question where has the time gone?
It’s slipped into the past.

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Good health!
Stay strong!
Enjoy 46 while it lasts. I was 46 once. I blinked and I was 70.

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Happy Birthday, RDG!

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Happy Birthday. Your question made me wonder why do we say time is gone. Time is never lost or gone. It’s always PRESENT.

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Happy 46th, and many more. Thanks for sharing it with us. Didn’t we celebrate your 36th birthday here also?

I celebrated a July birthday too. Liked always being out of school on my birthday.

Where has the time gone? you ask. Has the time gone the same place or way as your time and my time? Have all our respective times gone the same way or different ways? Is there such a thing as our respective times, or are they all the same, or do any of them even exist at all? We don’t all have the same pasts, but we have this present moment together, and when this moment is past . . . whose past is it?

Good thing it’s bedtime here in my present.

Keep it up, RDG. Your questions are stimulating, if a little offbeat. We depend on you for that.

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Happy Birthday! I found some good tips to help us when it seems that time is passing us by:

Strive to be more “present.” Use all of your senses and cognitive awareness so as to fully experience your days (and nights). Not every day will be memorable, but at least you will be aware of “living” your life.

When engaging in events that you believe are memorable in a favorable way, remind yourself (right then and there) that you are making memories to recall at later times. Do what you can to immerse yourself in the “moment”—pay attention to details, take in the smells, note how you are feeling, scan the setting, appreciate how fortunate you are to be having this experience.

When experiencing events that you find to be upsetting or draining, switch gears and take control over your emotions and behavior. For example, find the good in a boring lecture, put on your favorite music when stuck in traffic, take deep breaths, remind yourself that “there will be an end to this experience,” or if necessary, leave the situation.

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Happy Birthday to a fun Jelly!

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Time flies when you’re having fun!!!

I remembered on the 28th that it was your BD even remembering your correct age & meant to send you a DM. By the time I got home, I got interrupted & NEVER got my message sent…sorry!!! Anyway wishing you a belated Happy Birthday!!!

I’m NEVER ready for that nasty “s” word & definitely do NOT look forward to having any of it!!! IF I got to have it my way, it would ALWAYS be spring!!!

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Thanks @All

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Happy 46th birthday @RedDeerGuy1
PS does that 46 include your shifts in time?

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@flutherother No. My timeshifted age is around 26,523+ . summer of 2000 plus two weeks, plus four weeks, plus 6 weeks until some time in the near future.

I had to do the math by hand, because I couldn’t think of a simple formula to calculate.

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26,523+. Is that years?

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@flutherother Yes. Years. Estimated. I don’t know when the current end date is when I go back. It is usually every two weeks after the end of time. I vaguely remember writing this before, so I ts at least two more weeks of history before I go back to summer of 2000.

In any new area of time I get no help from my time travel as It is fresh and I can’t cheat, by remembering the past/present/future.

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Maybe Cleveland.

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