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Would you consider yourself a clumsy person & what was the most recent example of your cumbersome exploits?

Asked by ucme (46318points) October 3rd, 2010

Clumsiness of course can take many forms. We can be socially clumsy in certain environments. Depending on how uncomfortable some people feel in any given situation.They may view themselves as awkward or clumsy, maybe in their general manner or in conversation with others. Of course other forms of clumsiness manifest themselves with incidents including dropping things or breaking stuff, falling over. So yeah, just how clumsy are you if indeed at all & in what ways does it surface?

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I actually think I am – when I’m not doing yoga or dancing tango, that is….and this wasn’t recent but it was hilarious: when Alex first came to NY, we were walking in the city making out on the street…and he was worried we’d bump into something because we’d walk and kiss, you know? So here I go..I say “Don’t worry, I have great peripheral vision” and literally the next second, I walk into pole which hits me right into the pubic bone (the pole belonged to an entrance of the NYU building where I took graduate classes that semester) – I had a great complicated bruise for weeks which made everyone cringe because you’re damn straight I showed it to everyone…Alex couldn’t stop laughing.

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Yes, I think I am. I’ve always tended to bump into things, drop things and knock things over, and fall over things. It usually seems to be because I’m thinking about something else and not paying attention to what I’m doing.

Once I went to the drugstore and asked the pharmacist for a burn ointment. He asked what kind of burn I had. I said I didn’t have it yet. He looked at me strangely and asked “Why are you going to burn yourself?” I was planning to make cookies for my kids, and I knew I couldn’t take a cookie sheet out of the oven without burning my hand.

Right now and for the past several weeks, I am walking with a cane in addition to wearing a soft cast on my foot (8 months and counting), hoping to heal a stress fracture without surgery. I keep stumbling against and tripping over the cane. I told my husband that if he has to call 911 and tell them I broke my leg falling over my cane, they’re probably going to have to give me an injection to make me stop laughing.

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Actually, no. I rarely do clumsy things. I knocked over a glass at a small party I was having a few months ago.. that is the only thing that jumps out at me. And that was extremely out of character. I guess I am just lucky in that sense.

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I recently found out that it’s possible to spill a cup of coffee on the ceiling. ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille :¬D I have similar experiences with stairs….....I fall up them :¬(

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@ucme-Me too! Do you wear a helmet?

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@lucillelucillelucille Unfortunately no, not that organised XD I do however “wear” quite a few Tom & Jerry bumps atop my head as a harsh reminder of my stair mishaps :¬)

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This is scarily senile, not really clumsy . Last night I wanted to put ear drops in my ears but I put the wrong stuff in the dropper bottle. Thank God it wasn’t acid. Or freon.

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Last week I was walking out of a beer garden, and walked right into a planter used for an ashtray. I was completely sober.

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@annielorena That’s nothing…leaving a restaurant I grabbed what I thought was the front door and let myself right into the restaurants walk in cooler! My date thought it was hilarious! I think she was impressed! XD

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I’m very clumsy. I have zero hand-eye coordination. The last one was just recent. I was walking to my bathroom and tripped on one of my shoes lying on my bedroom floor. I do this every day. I trip and fall almost every day. It’s not intentional, I just have “two left feet and butter fingers.” I can’t even describe when someone tries to toss me something. I always drop it, even if my hand catches it.. Heh, well almost catches it.

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I fall up the stairs, lose my balance stepping over shadows and, on more than one occasion, have bitten my hand while eating a sandwich.

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Totally. Mainly on account of bad eyesight. I find it impossible to judge distances accurately so I am forever knocking things over or banging my fingers and feet on things that are closer than I thought they were.

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I trip over stuff all the time.
I have sprained my ankle 2 years in a row falling down in my own driveway. haha
I also sprained it last spring boarding a plane.
I am the tripper. lol

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Not usually, but my back has been sore for the last seven weeks and I am getting so tired that I have dropped several things the last couple of weeks, including a microwave meal, which landed upside down on the floor. I had to lock the dog out to keep him from eating it before it cooled down, then I let him have at it.

I also dropped a glass in the sink when I was rinsing it out, but it only cracked down the side, and was easy to pick up and throw away.

This is very unusual clumsiness for me.

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I’m often clumsy in the sense that i bang my nails on something and break them. And sometimes i’m clumsy in talking to someone, usually when i’m a little nervous, i may stutter a little or get my words mixed up or something like that.

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