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Which "superhero" would you most/least like to come to your rescue?

Asked by ucme (46349points) October 3rd, 2010

Yeah I know, as hypothetical as a question’s ever likely to get. Still, potentially intriguing if only for humours sake. Anyway to get back to my point, let’s just say you & maybe even you’re family…....hell perhaps even the entire world is in dire need of rescue. Just who from the motley collection of superheroes documented in literature/TV shows & movies, would you rather affect said rescue? Conversely, who would you rather stayed away? Like yeah, i’ll rescue myself thanks loser!!

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Least: Batman, because he has no inherent powers, if he runs out of duracel for his gadgets im screwed.

Most: superman, for the opposite reason.

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Most: Wolverine or The Punisher (for badass points)

Least: Aquaman, because he’s a huge pussy.

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Most: HULK
Least: Safety Queen

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Just like to mention for my own personal gratification that this was my 500th question on here. Yay for me!! Gratuitous display of self congratulation over now.

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Wonder Woman~!!!!!

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Least: Any of those who wear these skin tight costumes. Especially Superman. Dear gods…

Most: Inuyasha. Because I could do things to him. If you know what I mean.

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Felisha harding most(as the black cat) ... least aquaman

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@ucme congrats on .5 K questions

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@talljasperman Why thank you for that. However did you find out? I was tring to keep it quiet :¬)

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Batman for when I want to be saved.Sorassman can stay home.

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The Spleen Fire in the hole!

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I don’t know who I’d want to rescue me/us. Perhaps Prince William? But I wouldn’t care to be rescued, if I had other options, by Pee Wee Herman.

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Most either Deadpool because he’s fucking funny or Catwoman because she’s fucking sexy.

Least I’d say batman because he’s fucking boring or Iron Man because he’s a fucking alcoholic fascist jerkoff who got Captain America killed just when I started to like him as a character.

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In the words of Megara, “I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle it.”

If I had no choice.. Least: Wonder women, Most: The Flash.

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The most: Batman. He is committed, and quite the strategist.

The least: The Human Torch. Everything around him ends up on fire.

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The most: The Doctor, of course.

The least: The Thing. He’s a pile of boulders. He’d crush me, right?.

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Most: Iron Man, he can just take out the enemy instantly, plus he’s got a jetpack
Least: Smokey the Bear, he’s nice and furry but I don’t think he could do much (unless it was a fire, of course)

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Wonder Woman.

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I wanna be saved by Conan the Barbarian, because he knows how to treat a woman. I’ll purposely put myself in harm’s way if I must.

But nah, if I did that, he’d just let me to die. He’s fucking awesome. :)

I don’t want to be saved by Spawn or Wolverine, because they probbaly got worse bad breath than Conan.

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Most: Batman Least: Wonderwoman. I wish for a guy to save me anyways.

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@Frenchfry I’m a guy so batman is near the bottom here. To me Wonderwoman is a much prettier sight. Hell I wouldn’t even mind the Bionic Woman being on this list as well, not sure if she would count as an actual superhero.

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@Jabe73 I take the Bionic man then as well . I make that sound effect. I could make that sound effect as he is saving me. Cool idea.

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Most: Dr. Strange because he’s tall, dark, handsome and multi-talented.
Least: The Scavenger because, well, well he’d kiss me and suck out my life leaving me a shrivelled skinbag of bones.

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I’m with @poisonedantidote for the same reasons.

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Most: The Hulk

Least: Superman (what a fanny!)

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Most: Batman, because although he doesn’t have powers like Superman, he has brains
Least: Mr. Fantastic. What is he gonna do?

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