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Can you get paid for attending Airborne school?

Asked by evry1luvzaazngrl (268points) October 3rd, 2010

My bf told me he’d be receiving a bonus after Airborne school…maybe about $1,000 or so? Other people told me that he will not get paid…maybe a couple hundred a month. He belongs to an Airborne unit…

I don’t know, sometimes people tell me things like “The army can’t do this” or “This is what they’ll do…” and end up wrong because it’s probably different circumstances. Just askin because he owes some money and he said he’d pay me after he graduates Airborne.

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Apparently there is an Airborne bonus of up to $3000 if you qualify. I couldn’t find the qualification requirements for the bonus.

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I believe that $3000 bonus @BarnacleBill mentioned is for new recruits only. If he is already in the Army, there may be a bonus for going, but it would only be paid once he finished the school for it. After that, there is a monthly special incentive pay, but only if he is on jump status which would require jumping at least once a month in order to get the incentive pay each month (this is what my husband just told me). He said that he isn’t sure what the current amount is, but it’s usually around $150 or so.

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There are many different ways to receive bonuses and extra pay in the military. If your bf is jump qualified and in a jump billet in his unit, and he makes the proscribed amount of jumps every quarter. Its only about $150 a month.

If your bf just joined the army, or just reenlisted, he may have a provision in his contract stating he will receive a bonus upon completion of jump school. Have him read his contract, if it’s in there, he’ll get it. If it’s not in writing and signed by somebody with the authority, he won’t get it.

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I imagine things have changed a bit since I was in, but it use to be that once you completed Airborne Training and were assigned to an airborne unit in a jump slot, enlisted soldiers got $50 extra a month and officers got $100 extra a month.

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