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How many calories, carbs and grams of fat should I have per day?

Asked by redplasticcup (4points) October 4th, 2010

Male, 5’10, 140lbs. I’m pretty thin and would rather not gain weight as I grow older and my metabolism slows down. I don’t want to turn into a carb/calorie counting freak, but I’d love to know what ballpark of daily calories, carbs, and grams of fat I should be keeping under in order to keep my current weight.

Thanks for any insight!

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1500 calories per day. :-/

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Try this calorie calculator. Then use the maintaining weight amount of calories and plug that into this. That should at least get you started.

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For calories just go by what your body tells you. That will let you match that to your activity level. Fats, the recommendation is 65 grams max on a 2000 calorie diet. But go by other indicators, like cholesterol levels, etc

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Come on. Don’t do that to yourself. Eat what you want in moderation. And avoid it all being junk food. That is all. You will be just as healthy. And happier.

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You should be able to eat what ever you want in small, spaced out two hour controlled meals. With exersize of course. If you dont exersize just eat in small, spaced out two hour controlled meals that are the basics of healthy/fatty foods. Controlled amounts of beef and rice on spaced out days in the week. Fruit is a key factor to staying fit and mental, so you can eat it everyday. Veggies should also be added into that diet. And then on those days you need something fatty just keep it controlled. Control, Control, Control, if dont have any of those three see a doctor.

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For any changes in diet or exercise, always check with your doctor. He/she will be more familiar with your state of health than I am.

A healthy diet consists of lost of fruits and vegetables, and small amount of meat or grains, and no snack foods or sodas. You don’t need to measure everything you eat. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day.

Walk at least one mile every day or equivalent, and use up more calories than you take in.

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You could become a member of It could help you calculate, and log the information. Plus it´s easy to calculate your daily intake with their database. And it´s free.

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OK, so you said you didn´t want to be a calorie freak, but even if you only logged for a couple of days, that would be an easy way to get the ballpark figure you want.

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