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How come beauty pageants and bikini contest for fat women can't be found?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) October 5th, 2010

Why are there no beauty pageants or bikini contest for fat women? Or is it that they are so secret the bodies the MOB stashed will be found quicker? I have looked over the Web out of curiosity to see if such pageants existed since people are so down on beauty pageants and bikini contest because it has beautiful women, since fat women are the new ”normal” I would think someone would want to showcase these so-called ”real women”, as if the fit slender ones are fake? I mean even pregnant women have their own bikini contest so where are these full figured, big-boned, voluptuous, Zaftig, “thick”, etc. women?

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I thought you were down with the Invisible hand.

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Well, “beauty if in the eyes of the beholder!” There are very beautiful overweigh ladies and some very ugly beautiful women.

A beauty pageants, like everything else, if someone can make some money, there will be a beauty pageant for about anything. I use to really enjoy the Ms America pageant, but it has really gone down hill. I no longer watch any of them.

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There are some, trust me I know…..although I’m on a work computer now so I don’t want to search for anything. There is one model in particular, she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, strutting her big ass in lingerie…..she had to weigh at least 250 lbs. Her show was in France, though.

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They exist. And those are just the American ones. They are held all over the world, too. You must not have searched very hard.

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If the seven strippers just arrested in Florida can make a living, there must be a club somewhere catering to your tastes.

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Lets face it, would you want to watch a contest such as this? television adds about 20 pounds to the human body, so an already overweight person would appear as #@^%$^&*.

Somebody throw me the channel changer….......quick!

If such a beauty contest exists, a good sponsor would be Porkys Pit BBQ.

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I’m not sure if this is insensitive or not, but whatever.

There’s nothing great about being fat.

I’m all about accepting yourself, loving yourself for who you are, etc.. but.. realistically? Fat = unhealthy.

In truth, most people just don’t want to see it. This isn’t to say that I support those toothpick thin models either.. because again, that is unhealthy.

So, in conclusion.. I’m positive you can find what you’re looking for somewhere (google has everything) but I’m sure it won’t have as big a following as that of thinner pageants/etc. Unhealthy isn’t attractive.

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Do you really not know the answer to this? Really?

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Beauty contests are simply catering to a superficial society. Beauty of form does not always mean beauty on the inside, but most are not concerned with anymore than what they can see. There are any number of reasons a person can end up overweight & very few of them have to do with self-indulgence. It is too bad that most people cannot see the “person” beyond the exterior – there is more to beauty than just skin & bones.

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@alovehangoverr So, in conclusion.. I’m positive you can find what you’re looking for somewhere (google has everything) but I’m sure it won’t have as big a following as that of thinner pageants/etc. I was trying to play Devil’s advocate and see if there were such pageants because logically there should be, and quite open.

Usually when the discussion turns to beauty it goes to the magazines we all see at check out, young and slender. Not to mention the ladies on the pages inside. Then it goes to Spring Break wet t-shirt contest and main stream beauty contest like Ms. World, Mrs. America, etc no plumpers to be seen. Then the almost obligatory comment ”Those women are fake, they are not real, they throw up everything or they are lipoed to hell”, etc. If the ”real” women are in a size 16 and better I would have thought there would easy to find pageants and bikini contest that cater to them, since there are suppose to be so many and they are proud to weight as much as they do. I guess maybe I was a bit naive to actually have the audacity to believe they were not all hat and no cattle.

@Linda_Owl Beauty contests are simply catering to a superficial society. Which begs the question if 60% of society is overweight to obese then how are they catering to society? When many maybe most of society seems to think plus sized is the new ”normal”, pageants for these women should be main stream and they should be all over the front of the magazines that grace me as I stand in line at the check out. Its it that overweight America says in public ”Those are not real women” but behind closed doors secretly long to be like them?

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@john65pennington That wasn’t terribly sensitive of you to say. For all you know, every woman reading this on Fluther is obese, and that seems pretty hurtful. Of course, I don’t think this question was terribly sensitive in the first place, either.

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