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Is it me, or has there been a recent increase in the number of questions about cats?

Asked by bob_ (19685points) October 5th, 2010

I swear this is serious. Has it always been like this? Is autumn a question-inspiring season for cat-owners (e.g., cats act up when it gets colder)? Who can enlighten me?

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Questions always seem to come in waves. I think seeing a question often sparks an idea for one of your own.

We have waves about books, religion, politics, jokes, pets….......

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Recent reports have found that the popularity of cat questions are on the rise. This is due to the awesome power cats exhibit in our every day lives.

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The only Questions for You I get anymore are about cats.

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Milo here; I’m glad you asked, even though the answer seems obvious to cats of superior brains (most of us).

Ooh. Sorry. I though you said “questions by cats”...

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@syz I hadn’t thought of that, good point.

@row4food That’s what prompted me to ask this question, I got a “question for you” about cats. WTF? You answer one question about cats, and bang, fluther thinks you’re a cat person.

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@bob_ Ummmm, don’t know how to tell you this. My cat contacted me just now from beyond the grave and said to tell you “Mrrrraaaoooww” which loosely translates as; “You’re walking on thin ice. I can leap from the bank, land on your shouldres, push you straignt down and leap back to the bank, never getting a drop of water on myself and can manage to look perfectly innocent when they fish your cold, wet body out the next day.”
Gone from my life, and she’s still makes her point when she’s not in the room. How does she do that?

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@syz – I agree…that’s a good point.

But…so…many…. ....cats….

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Because cats are evil & with Halloween almost upon us, you’re bound to come across a barrage of feline inspired queries.

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Maybe you should ask Keyboard Cat.

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The Dog Coalition is having a convention out of town.

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Well, everybody likes pussy.

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@bob_ Same here, I answered one question about penis’ and I get them in my questions for you all the time now.~

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@chyna Is that a complaint or something you’re happy about? ~

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@bob_ Well I do like to keep informed.

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@chyna Atta girl.

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I didn’t realize about that but I would love to see more question about cat/pet in this site since as what I’ve seen here this site lack of issue about pets.

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I’m having my own cat issues, just not asking questions because I think I’m pretty right on with my situation, in other words, I know it all. lol

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Thanks for reminding me!

Also, I foresee having “The Internet is Made of Cats” stuck in my head for days. Thanks for that, @downtide.

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@augustlan anything to oblige!

@Your_Majesty I think most Fluther users, unlike users on certain other sites, have the good sense to know that if there’s something wrong with their pet they should consult a vet. 99% of the pet questions over there are “OMG my cat is vomiting/having a seizure/limping/not eating what should I doooooo???!!!”” Once you eliminate those, you end up with just the few smart questions, which we already have.

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Hahaha… @downtide, click my link above. I just asked a “My cat is vomiting what should I doooooo?” question.

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LOL! Take it to a vet, silly!

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I’m gonna’. I swear. :)

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good. :) {{hugs}}

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I love the Internet is made of cats and the Keyboard Cat is hysterical. He looks like he just doesn’t care, can barely stay awake. That is so funny!

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Yes—I have the same feline.

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