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What sensations make the top of your list?

Asked by liminal (7761points) October 5th, 2010

I just came in from a study break. I was laying on the grass, eyes closed, and face pointed towards the sun. It has to be one of my most adored feelings. Right up there with certain touches, in certain places, and my child resting in my arms.

I can still feel the sun kissing my skin as I return to my studies. Beautiful.

What is on your list?

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Orgasm. Sorry, but orgasm tops it.

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The smell of coffee in the morning.

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Taking the first sip of hot coffee
finish a book that took you a while
finishing a project or paper that you’ve been working on for what feels like forever, and then receiving a really good grade on it
laying down all bundled up in two feet of snow man i miss that
then drinking hot tea or cocoa after coming in from shoveling snow

there’s lots of sensations i love

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The adrenaline rush you get when skiing down a hill.

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Yep, I agree with @iamthemob.

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I love when I flip my pillow over and my face presses against the coolness.

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Snuggling half awake in the early morning with my man, with my head nestled up against his neck and shoulder, running my fingers through his chest hair.

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Adrenaline rushes, warm sunshine on the skin, snuggling in a warm bed, the feel of a small puppy, and sexual sensations.

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When something makes me laugh so hard I wheeze. When something strikes me so funny that I lose the ability to make any sound other than hysterically wheezing, I’m in a state of total glee.

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Watching an intense action scene from a movie, especially in a theater.

For example: The car chase scene from The Bourne Ultimatum.

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Lying in dappled sunshine next to a mountain stream in summer.

Watching my daughters play together.

The “glug-glug” of a newly opened bottle of single malt.

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Oh god, when my kids were babies! Fresh out of their bath & all powdered up. Their cheek pressed against mine. Bliss sheer bliss. I mean, an assault on all your senses. Each one just a yummy scrummy delight! Wow, makes me feel all goosebumpy just thinking about it!!

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Hot bath after a long day (the feeling that you get when sliding into a warm/hot tub of water)

That first sip of java in the morning

The feeling that you get when you curl up in a big, comfy chair with a hot beverage and you’re looking out the window, seeing the snowflakes fall

Being intimate with your partner when the windows are open and you can hear the rain

That feeling that you get when you finally get to hold her (my SO, for me) and you can hear her heart beating

The taste of her kiss

Walking on crunchy, fallen leaves

Snow flurries/ gust of wind; when snow blows into your face and you can hardly catch your breath.

Sailing – feeling as though you are flying across the water. The boat is leaning to one side (sailing downward, I think it is), and you’re dangling your feet over the edge of the boat.

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The scent of lilacs always brings me back to my childhood. I also love the feel of the flakes and the quiet of a snowfall.

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@mama_cakes I love that one too (the snow flurries/gust of wind). That brief moment you can’t breathe and then get a big lungful of crisp cold air and face full of tiny flakes all at once! Exhilarating!

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Have you ever noticed when you are standing outside in the snow at night for some reason the snow on the ground and falling through the air seems to deaden all the noise? It’s so quiet and still.

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@diavolobella I know what you’re talking about! I love it.

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this question makes me miss home!

All the feelings associated with Fall, Winter and Spring (on the east coast) ... like the crunchy leaves and crisp, cool air; sitting outside, bundled up, during the first night of a heavy snow storm – it’s like being in a snow globe; the smell in the air during early spring, fresh cut grass, flowers everywhere.

Laying in bed while it’s raining or snowing, with the windows wide open and the cold air coming in while snuggled under and wrapped up in multiple down blankets.

watching distant lightning storms

first day of school

seeing loved ones for the first time in a long time.
there are probably so many more, what a nice question!

lucillelucillelucille's avatar to have it ;)

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@diavolobella I love that sound. If you are in the woods their is a sort of muffled crackling sound of the snow itself falling through the trees.

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The York Peppermint Pattie.

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Waking up with morning wood! :-/

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@Scooby That’s nice and all, but it’s damn hard to pee with one!

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Cold air breezing over my ears when I’m standing outside waiting for the train while the rest of my body remains warm.

Sniffing the intoxicating fragrance of anything natural, untouched by chemicals – flowers, fragrant trees, anything connected to the Earth, and the aroma of fresh, natural tobacco.

The touch of something or someone soft, and the energy electrified between the two.

Lingering kisses and exchanged air.

The taste and aroma of a good cup of coffee – the smell of coffee and tobacco can be my ecstasy.

The feel of rich, smooth dark chocolate melting on my tongue.

The surrounding comfort of warm water – sometimes I’ll hold my hands and wrists under the faucet just to sooth me.

The visual of thought-provoking, emotive imagery.

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I would have never thought of skiing, but now that @erichw1504 mentions it, it’s true. It is soooo freeing. And beautiful. And it’s a rush at the same time, but almost in a relaxing way.

And, a really good hug.

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Oh, and my dog farting under the bed. At 3am.

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@prolificus Pipe tobacco smell; one of the best smells.

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@prolificus (The surrounding comfort of warm water – sometimes I’ll hold my hands and wrists under the faucet just to sooth me)

I do that too!

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@YoBob. Ooh, that’s lovely!

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Oh! When you first get into a hot bath or a hot tub and it is almost too hot but not….and it feels SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSO GOOD.

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When the band is locked in, it’s amazing! It’s like we all become one organism, and organism that is the music, not just making it. When it’s like that, I forget who I am. I forget all the bad things I feel about myself. There’s no room for it. I’m not longer only in my body. I’m all over the place. I’m flying on the sound as it passes into the ears and bodies of all the people listening to us and being moved by us. It’s an incredible feeling and I know people who rather be doing that than anything else that a human can do.

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I asked my girl this question. Her response:

That feeling of freedom when you know you don’t have to go back to work for at least a week and no one wants anything from you. You know that the only thing you have to do is go off and have fun adventures with people that you love and wake up as late as you want (I need a vacation…lol).

Your skin against mine. That feeling when our bodies are touching and the rest of the world seems to fade away. Hearing your heart beat in my ear.

When you play with my hair or sing to me softly.

Definitely that first cup of coffee in the morning.

Seeing my nephew have a huge, laughing smile on his face.

The feeling of accomplishment that you get right after you just did something that you were a little afraid to do.

A leisurely walk in crisp, foggy air.

Sitting around a campfire telling stories and laughing with people that I love.

Riding a bicycle or motorcycle and feeling the wind in your face.

Sailing – exactly as you describe it.

When I start to learn something difficult and actually become somewhat good at it after much failure and struggle.

Those certain days when you can run twice as far as usual for some reason.

Diving under water on a hot day.

The smell of autumn.

The smell of spring.

Looking out the window or sitting on the porch on a cool February morning. The ground is covered with snow and ice, but it has just warmed up enough that it’s pouring rain outside.

When you walk up behind me, wrap your arms around me and kiss my ears and the back of my neck.

Being able to reach over and touch you when I’m falling asleep.

Falling asleep in your arms.

Cooking in preparation for holiday meals with people that I love.

Oh, and I LOVE your kisses. I loved when you kept your mouth over mine when we were in bed together…it makes my heart skip beats and gives me butterflies.


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Dam right, Lol…....

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The smell of freshly baked bread. Mmm…

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After a perfect night’s sleep (which is rare), before I fully open my eyes, the fleeting moment of experiencing no physical or emotional pain. When I am in that blissful moment, all my senses are alive and receptive.

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A nice cold beer after a round of intense physical labor. Then several more and the buzz it produces.

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@Adirondackwannabe Beer! How could I forget. That first swig of beer after a long day is always the best.

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@erichw1504 The first swig of a really cold beer is good after anything. A round of golf (not very physical), working outside on a hot day. Almost can taste it. GQ liminal!

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1. Being on top of Alex, snuggling.
2. Giant hug/kiss from either of my kids.
3. Sex.
4. Post-Bikram yoga class savasana.
5. Dancing tango w/someone that you have intense sexual chemistry with.

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I lost my sense of smell and taste along with it for over a year and it was amazing how dull life was not tasting food, smelling the flowers in my garden. Heck cooking X-mas dinner and not being able to taste my most awesome cooking was a drag! Everything tasted like oatmeal. Blaaaah!

That being said, losing touch or the sensation of feeling would suck. I guess I could live with blindness, being a musician losing the sense of hearing would suck but know what it is like to lose a sense really makes me appreciate what we do have when you have it!!

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The sound of oak leaves and pine needles crunching beneath your feet while hiking in the mountains.

The scent of camping with this combination: coffee, bacon cooking, logs burning and pine trees.

The smell of an ocean breeze mixed with a beach campfire.

The sound of those round glass Xmas bulbs rolling around and gently clinking. A great example of this sound is in the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer animated special, the scene in the beginning when the blizzard starts and the decorated Xmas trees are being blown around. Another great example of this sound is in How the Grinch Stole Christmas cartoon, when a bulb falls on the floor and rolls.

The feel of warm dog and cat tummies.

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That chills/goosebumps feeling I get in various situations, often when listening to really amazing classical music or when I have a really good idea.

The feeling of kissing my boyfriend and of course, sexual stimulation and orgasm. But it’s heightened for me when it’s the result of my boyfriend. That goes along with cuddling with him, just being close to him in general. I remember having a dream where that happened many years ago, and it was one of the most memorable dreams I’ve ever had.

Getting into a swimming pool after being hot and sweaty.

Laughing really hard at something, especially with other people. That always seems to strengthen it.

I could probably go on and on, but those are the ones I thought of immediately.

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I am about to indulge in one right now, sinking into the steaming hot bubbles of my hot tub!

Oooh yeah!

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@Coloma Nice, just be sure to put the laptop down before getting in!

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@Kardamom I love that about the Christmas ornaments. What is funny for me is that I associate the plastic-y smell of my parent’s old artificial Christmas tree with the holiday more strongly that I do actual pine!

Another smell I used to love was the smell of my school box on the first day of school (this was a long time ago when they were made out of shiny cardboard). It smelled like new, like fresh cardboard, sharpened pencils and red rubber erasers.

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Heh! Yep, I am on my second laptop in 4 years…the last one I tripped over and flung to the ground fracturing the lcd. No laptops spa side for me. lol

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Oh, I just thought of something else too! The smell of sidewalk cement when it gets doused with water from the hose on a really hot summer day.

And the first whiff of the innards of a jack-o-lantern when you take the lid off. I’ll be smelling that in about 3 weeks!

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The feeling of relief/elation when someone who is having a cardiac arrest starts breathing again.

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Well after sex, my wife’s kiss. We try to keep every kiss as passionate as it always has been. I also like a bed with high quality high thread count sheets and feather pillows.

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Laying in bed on my back and stretching.

The small weight of my cat’s or dog’s head when they rest it on me. And the feeling of a bird’s thin spine when she lowers her head for scratches.

Paddling upstream through riffles.

Playing my clarinet, especially in a good group. Nice description, @wundayatta.

Nitrous. If heaven exists, I hope it feels like whip-its.

Downhill skiing and water skiing.

The butterfly stroke.

Biking for miles in a pack sort of way with my dog off leash, listening to music.

Being not-in-pain after being in intense pain. It’s like…as close to thinking and feeling nothing as I have ever managed to experience.

The taste of really fresh morels.

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