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Would you visit your friend (kind of friend)

Asked by remambermee (442points) October 5th, 2010

You and this friend never really talked to each other or had much of a desire to become good friends. Months maybe years for some of no communication, suddenly you guys contact each other and plan to just catch up and what not. Sounds like a good idea?

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Not really. It kind of reminds me of high school reunions. You go, you remember why you never liked or talked to those people, you vow to not go to the next one.

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What is really lost? If you can meet them for dinner and a few drinks the only thing you lose is a few hours.

I wouldn’t fly across the country to see them. But if it local what do you really lose?

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I’ve recently seen a few people that I never really knew in high school and discovered that age and experience gave us a lot to talk about, and now they are people I really like and plan to see again. A few hours out of your life may be an excellent investment. If there’s still not much there, hey, it’s a couple of hours, no big deal.

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You can not have too many friends.

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I’ve done it. It was someone from another web site that I really didn’t know well, but we had a mutual friend. The friend disappeared off of the radar. A couple of days later, the mutual friend, who knew his name and location, found his obituary in his town’s newspaper and let us all know.

A couple of months later, I was taking a road trip and would be driving by her town. We made plans to meet at her house. It turned out to be a good idea. It’s difficult for people to understand how one can mourn the loss of an online friend if they haven’t experienced it themselves.

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You and this friend never really talked to each other or had much of a desire to become good friends.

Stop right there. Disabuse yourself of the idea that the other person is a “friend.” This person is an “acquaintance.” Someone you know that you never really talked to or had a desire to become friends with, is not a friend, but someone you sort of know.

Reconnecting with people to see if they’ve changed since the last time you talked to them is not a bad idea; it’s always nice to expand your social circle.

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It seems like a waste of time to me. If you really never talked much with this person, then they really weren’t a friend. They were just someone you knew. It’s kind of like with Facebook, people will find you who “know” your name, but don’t and never really knew you. Don’t bother. Instead call up and old friend who you were close to and try to meet with them instead.

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I did that. It was someone I’d worked with a little. We kind of liked each other from a distance but never really spent any time together, even as much as to go out to lunch. Our paths crossed again when we had both left the company, and we discovered that we had a lot in common. This time we followed up. Now I see her regularly every couple of months and we have a good long chat. I consider her a good friend.

There’s no reason why it can’t work out. If you think it’s worth a shot, then it is.

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Meeting again can do little harm if you keep an open mind and do not assume to much about each other before you meet again. You may just discover someone you would like to know better.

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