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Big Fish games takes down my wireless connection. Any ideas?

Asked by Blueroses (18196points) October 5th, 2010

I downloaded the game 4 Elements from Big Fish and the game works fine. It is entirely on my hard drive so should have nothing to do with the internet connection, however, as soon as I launch it the wireless connection fails and no networks are available.
Everything goes back to normal after restarting as long as I don’t start the game again.
I checked the site for troubleshooting and didn’t find anyone having this problem. Is anyone familiar with Big Fish? Is there a setting option I’m missing?

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That’s really weird. I have that game, as well. Where did you download it from? You have to be careful. I download a lot of BigFish games because I like casual games. I’ve got a clean version and I can tell you where to get it, if you want.

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@shpadoinkle_sue Thanks for answering. I had no problem with the Flash preview, I bought the full version directly from the Big Fish site and it works fine; I’ve played it all the way through. It’s presence doesn’t cause any problems except that after playing a few levels, the wireless card loses track of the network.
The Big Fish game manager application runs in the background and I’ve found if I disable it through Task Manager, I can play the game without losing internet.
It is really weird.

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