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What is Domo-kun made of?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21433points) October 5th, 2010

My assistant manager and I have been wondering about this for quite a long time. We both agree that Domo-kun is a poop monster but often, people will tell us he is not made of poop. However, they are never able to tell us what he is made out of. I’ve looked at Wikipedia and a number of pages devoted to Domo-kun and not one actually says what he’s made out of. Can the fluther community enlighten me?

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I have no idea (and am deeply interested in finding out), but in the spirit of Halloween this reminded me of something that happened a couple years ago: I was sitting on a bench at my university taking observation notes in my Moleskine on Halloween when someone approached. They shouted “Roar!” and when I looked up, there was a giant Domo-kun. They waved their stubby arms at their side and promptly walked away without a word.

It is, to this day, one of the stranger things that has happened to me at school.

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Could be made out of shinola.

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what about poo

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