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What do Europeans think of hugging (as opposed to kissing on both cheeks)?

Asked by iphigeneia (6229points) October 6th, 2010

When I was in Europe I met some Hungarians. As we said goodbye, there was this awkward thing where I went in for a hug, and they went in for the double-cheek kiss.

I felt like it wasn’t quite intimate enough, like we were just playing around since I usually treat the double-cheek kiss as jokingly pretending to be oh-so cosmopolitan and grown up. So what do the double-cheek-kiss crowd think of hugging?

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Personally I flat out refuse the kissing thing, I much rather a handshake. The kissing thing is just so fake and silly, and hugs are too personal. A handshake or a wave is what you get from me.

(I live in Spain)

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The question is not very specific, european cultures can be vastly different from eachother. Take the russians, for instance, who used (don’t know if they still do) to kiss eachother on the mouth (closed lips, of course) as a form of greeting.

Here (Italy) we go from a handshake (If unfamiliar or male friends), often a hug (between female friends or between close friends of any sex), double cheek kiss (between a male and a female friend) and many others. I’m pretty sure this works only for my particular region, too, let alone for all of italy or all of europe.

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Well, I could specify ‘Europeans in areas where kissing on both cheeks is the norm when meeting and parting’, but I thought that would have been inferred from my description. And now that I think about it, anybody’s thoughts about hugging might be of value to this question.

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In England, I really think it depends on the individual. I dont think we have a cultural ‘norm’ so to speak. Could be wrong though.
We do hugs, we do kisses, some of us will do neither. And we also get those awkward moments, when you reach out to kiss or hug someone and they take a step back…
Personally, I’m not big on hugging anymore – prefer to have a peck on the cheek. I used to hug lots though, and all my friends did it too (not so much kissing in those days).
As I’ve got older, I find a hug is probably a bit too intrusive for me.

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It’s a firm handshake or a good old back slap as far as i’m concerned. Resident of England Town

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I think the double kissing is much mroe common than a hug.

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Depends on the country.

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