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Have you ever asked the same question here twice?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) October 6th, 2010

After time has passed, does something pop into your head that you’d like to start a thread about….only to remember you’ve already asked it? Or am I the lone crackhead in this jelly group?

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Once that I know of, asking for movie suggestions. I will probably ask this question from time to time when I cant find anything good i want to watch.

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I’ve only ever asked 5 so no chance of any duplicates just yet!

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No. But I notice that some jelly will complain about multiple question of the same subject here,on fluther.

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I’ve asked a poor question about bad memory twenty-seven times.
I should ask The Fluther’s opinion about bad memory.

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I don’t think that I’ve been around here long enough to forget what questions I’ve asked.

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Not on purpose.

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Yes, I actually have done that once before and they yelled at me for it! :(

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Not yet, but I’ve only asked a few questions.

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I think I might’ve done that when I first got here, on purpose. Stupid thing to do.

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Yes. I did the search to find out if the question have been asked before, and it came up with absolutely nothing. Then I asked the question, and it reverted back to the one I asked last year, which is fine. I wish it had turned up in the search. I could have changed the question a bit. I’m interested to know how newer jellies think about a situation.

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I haven’t asked the same question but I have almost asked a question that was asked recently. One doesn’t always have the time to go back and see if a question has been asked before or recently. But like @Your_Majesty some jelly will surely bring it to your attention. So my advice is to ask away, either we will answer or ignore it. I figure when the Mods get fed up, they will find a way to remedy the situation.

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No, but sometimes when I see a question that has been asked before I let the OP know about it so they can see the additional answers they might have otherwise missed.

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Some ongoing questions, like the ‘some progress’ and ‘something great’ ones have to be re-asked about every 2 months, and I’ve asked them on occasion. Other than that, I don’t think so. But… my memory is shot, so I could be wrong!

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