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What are you going to do with April Fool's?

Asked by Vincentt (8079points) March 31st, 2008

For those who’ve forgotten: April Fool’s is coming. Does anyone have any ideas for funny pranks to pull?

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This is an old and really corny one, but it works for me every time I try it. I tell my boss or a co-worker they had a very urgent message from a Mr. Lyon, and I give them the number to the nearest zoo.

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You could use a message slip with a please call” Pete Mosse” and give the number of a local plant nursery!

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Good one!

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Scamp I’m most definitely going to use that on my choral director tomorrow. Thanks!

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Let me know how it turns out!

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@scamp – I think I’m going to use yours on my mom, but I’m not sure whether it’ll work. We’ll see :)

@mac316 – I don’t get the “Pete” part (I’m not a native speaker…).

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I“m going to hack fluther and have it re-direct you to…..j/k…..

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@hairypalm – if I didn’t trust the Fluther guys so much I’d be avoiding it tomorrow :P

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@Vincentt it’s a play on words. Pete is pronounced the same as peat, as in peat moss.

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Thanks scamp, I guess I pronounced it right but just didn’t know what peat was. Unfortunately, that one’s a bit difficult to reproduce in Dutch ;-)

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I’m gonna call in sick 2 minutes before I’m supposed to be there and then show up. Then I’m going to be taking all these phone messages…
Great ideas!!! Thanks!!!

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@scamp – I had already looked up the Wikipedia on peat and looked at the link to the Dutch article to find out its meaning ;)

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I just pulled this one with my sister:
Kinda geeky but funny too :)

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I just rick-roll’d my coworkers with a fake news release into thinking the company is being taken over by a competitor.

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