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Anyone else getting comment spam from helen2010 (or helen20101)?

Asked by robmandu (21252points) October 6th, 2010

With this message:

Hello, My name is helen,i saw your profile here today and become so much interested in you,Also I like to know more about you and establish a relationship which based on truth and trust with you.I want you to send me an email to my email address.Also i will give you my picture for you to know whom i am. Meanwhile, here is my email address(<small>[redacted]</small> I am waiting for your mail to my email address above, please i have something very important to tell you.I believe we can start from here. Remeber the distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life. Thanks yours, (<small>[redacted]</small>

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Nope, not me. I wonder if her surname is Back by any chance…..Hell & Back, oh forget it then.

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This particular message shows up in forums all over the web. I guess he/she/they recently found Fluther.

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And Fluther mods acted with their usual dispatch, removing the spammer’s access and spoor.

No harm, no foul. Just fyi.

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The phrase “flies round shit” springs to mind. Another interloper effectively dealt with by the modstapo! Hoorah!!

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..“establish a relationship which based on truth and trust with you.”
Because truthfully, they want your money. Trust.

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Russian girl wants money to come to the United States. A friend of mine gets those all the time.

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Yeah, but on another site. Which, interestingly enough, I found out about on this site.

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You got PMs from her too?
Shit. I thought she and I had something special going on :(

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I’m not interested until Nigerian princesses are involved. THEN I’ve got my money order ready.

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No, what a bummer. If you decide to return a message to “her” well she has your address then be very careful. I think you already know that anyways.

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Look! If she doesn’t say she’s a porn actress right up front, that spam get fried so fast you don’t smell the fat burning.

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I get these all the time (not on fluther).. usually i just mess with their heads. as you can see below:

them to me

me to them

strangely, i never got an answer from them.

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Ah, good old PM spammers. Remember to report these to us, and we’ll put the mod smack down on them!

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