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Resend old yahoo group emails, or another way to organize/search yahoo groups emails?

Asked by saservp (291points) October 7th, 2010

I’m a member of a massive yahoo groups email list. For the past year I’ve been having all of the messages forwarded to my gmail account. The result? Beautifully organized message put into conversations and incredibly incredibly easy to search and review.

But now I need to delve deeper into the email list’s messages. Yahoo has a search function to read the old (10’s of thousands) of messages, but it is terrible and it’s insanely difficult to find something.

Does anyone know of a way to resend all of the old messages to my gmail account so they get organized into conversations and I can use gmail’s search functions?

Alternatively, is there some other way to interface with yahoo groups to make it easy to search/organize old messages?

Thanks all!

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You may need to pay for Yahoo’s premium mail service to do this, but I think you could use POP3 to download all your messages to gmail.

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