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Can you tell me the song if I describe it?

Asked by josie (28669points) October 7th, 2010

I was at friend’s house the other night and we were eating and drinking and he had his iPod playing as background music. He used to work in radio and he has THE BIGGEST cd collection on earth and they are all burned onto his iPod.
Some of the songs are old, as in real old. Some rockabilly stuff from the 50’s even. And some of it is pretty good in spite of the fact it is older than dirt.
One song played that caught my ear. It had to be very old, had a rockabilly style, two part vocal harmony and a repeating chorus-

“Give me the opportunity”

I can not get this out of my head. My friend is no help. The collection is just too huge.
Are you old or trivially wise enough to know the song?

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Dang, if I could hear it, I might be able to help. Can you give more details – male or female singers, quick or slow tempo, any other lyrics?

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Yes, i am older, a trivia old dj here. but, lets face it, i need more facts and information to solve this case.

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@perg Male voices. Young voices. A ballad. Not a rocker. Either 1950s like Buddy Holly or Elvis Presley, or somebody trying real hard to sound like that.

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And when you say your friend is no help, I’m assuming he can’t provide the title. I realize there are a lot of similar song titles out there, but it would help narrow it down.

Did it sound like multiple, different guys singing or one singer with overdubbed harmony? That is, like a band or a singer with backup singers?

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Try this: Pandora Internet Radio and type in “give me the opportunity”.

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It sounds like you are describing the song “Opportunity” by Eddie Cochran.

Yes I need you darling, to tell my troubles to
I know you’ll understand me, when I’m feelin’ blue
Just give me an opportunity, give me an opportunity
Give me an opportunity to prove my love is true
Honey, I was a stranger till you found me
The way you got me crying over you
Baby, you kiss me and you hug me
If you’d only say you love me, like I love you
Give me an opportunity, give me an opportunity
Give me an opportunity to prove my love is true, true

Yes I need you darling, I swear by heaven above
I need you here beside me, it’s you I’m dreaming of
Just give me an opportunity, give me an opportunity
Give me an opportunity, give me an opportunity

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@diavolobella You’re beautiful

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@diavolobella Dang, how’d you get that so fast? I need to add more songs to the iPod, so thanks for the tip!

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@josie. Aww shucks! :)

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@perg. I’ve always loved Eddie Cochran

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@diavolobella I couldn’t get Dwight Yoakam out of my head – just bought a CD.

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