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Am I schizophrenic?

Asked by schizophrenic (26points) October 7th, 2010

I think I might be schizophrenic but I don’t feel like going to a doctor or psychologist. I can never make up my mind. I live on both sides of the line. I believe in justice but still support criminals. My subconscious mind is sending me mixed signals threw my dreams. I go to this dream interpreter website and it says I am trying to hide my true self then it says I’m being very open. Then it says I’m at ease, and I have a big problem that I can’t get over. So on so on. If there is a problem or debate I look at both sides of the story and can never pick a side. Sometimes I want something but I don’t want it.

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no one here can determine if you have a mental illness. see a doctor

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Alright. I’ll approach this seriously just in case.

No need for a doctor like @Samantha_Rae suggests. You just need the internet. Schizophrenia symptoms represent a break from reality, such that the person believes, sees, or hears things that aren’t “really” there. You’re talking, of course, about the old-school public misperception of schizophrenia.

Sounds like all you’re doing is thinking.

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Some people just have a hard time making decisions. I highly doubt you’re Schizophrenic. You formulated a coherent question and seem to be in touch with reality. <3 I wouldn’t worry, dear.

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Sounds more like being indecisive to me. A doctor is the only one that can make an actual diagnosis though. If you are really concerned, you need to go see one.

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Nothing in your description of yourself or behavior sounds anything at all like schizophrenia. @iamthemob is right. The idea that schizophrenia involves some kind of “split personality” is a complete misconception and misunderstanding of the illness. It sounds like you just have some understanding that many issues are very complicated, that there are sometimes grey areas and there may not be any easy answers. Though, I wouldn’t put too much weight on what your dreams and what they may or may not mean. I don’t think that’s very helpful.

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Dream interpretation is mostly bunk. If your toaster starts talking to you, then maybe you have schizophrenia.

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Is this when you start talking to yourself out of the random?

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You have to see a doctor to get a diagnosis. Although I have seen indecisiveness in people with schizophrenia, it certainly isn’t a deciding factor in whether or not you have it. I imagine you must be a little bit bothered by your indecisiveness (or apathy?), or you wouldn’t be asking about it or looking for answers. Best to just suck it up and talk to your doctor. It will make you feel better.

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Schizophrenia isn’t DID (dissociative identity disorder, previously known as multiple personality disorder), and truly has nothing to do with it. I’m pretty sure the public misconception dates back to when we didn’t really care what was wrong with someone’s mind, but rather only that there was something wrong with their mind, so DID would be lumped under schizophrenia. Schizophrenia itself has a lot more to do with intense paranoia, hallucinations, etc., and many people will say that if you think you have it, you don’t.

You may still want to get checked in case you have DID or hypochondriasis (a sort of obsession/paranoia dealing with diseases, mental or otherwise, and an overpowering belief that one has these diseases), but that would more likely be to put your mind at ease than anything.

Also, dream interpretation is an almost entirely discredited theory. Nowadays Freud is credited with little more than getting the ball rolling for the study of psychology, so be careful what you take from his theories. It’s actually fairly close to being proven that dreams are simply the product of random neural impulses affecting the brain because the perception areas of the brain remain active although the sensation areas have been turned off, or something like that.

I actually talk to myself all the time (audibly or inaudibly) as though I were talking to another person and am somewhat paranoid myself, in that paranoid thinking is often the norm for me and I have to actively convince myself otherwise. I also often have negative thoughts, and, despite usually not being depressed/emo/etc., the first words that come to mind when I think of a random word lately are “death” and similar words. However, from my own perception I’m able to control this fine and haven’t had anything I could call a full-blown hallucination, so along with this and the advice of my family and friends I attribute this idea that I might be schizophrenic to hypochondriasis. In my book, depending on how mild you have it if you do, it may be better to not know/ignore the fact that you have it rather than giving in to a defeatist personality or blaming your problems on it. Of course, if it’s a serious enough condition, you definitely would want to get help for it.

Above all keep in mind that one of the five indispensable definitions of a psychological disease is that it keeps one from effective/normal functioning. If your abnormality isn’t showing any real bearing on your life, it may be better to just ignore it.

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I think that not talking to yourself now and then would be something to worry about.

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now if you had asked the question “Are WE schizophrenic?” the answer would be YES.

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@stratman37 What do you mean by that?

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@schizophrenic that would be a philosophical question in the ballpark of whether or not what we see is real and whether or not our perception defines reality.

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Oh I see, maybe not correctly though.

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If you really think you have some kind of mental illness no one here can give you a diagnosis and you NEED to see a doctor. There is no point even asking if your not interested in getting help because someone with schizophrenia needs to be receiving treatment. From what you described It does not sound like you have schizophrenia. People who are Schizophrenic, generally, don’t have very much contact with reality. In my experience, and i’m no expert, a Schizophrenic wouldn’t be wondering if they were ill, but wondering what was wrong with everyone else.

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