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Broadway shows that a Broadway show hater might like?

Asked by Skeeter (14points) October 7th, 2010

My wife likes Broadway shows, and I want to treat her to one for Christmas, but I can’t stand the ones that are very song-and-dance and full of jazz hands. Any suggestions for a show that a Broadway show hater would like? Thanks

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“In the Heights.”

Although I don’t know if it’s playing on broadway right now.

Check out the soundtrack on iTunes.

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‘Les Miserables’ is supposed to be good.
She might also enjoy opera, the predecessor to the musical.

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Fela! It’s a musical on Fela Kuti, and it is so, so, so, so, so, so, so fuckin awesome. It’s fun, interesting, makes a statement, very entertaining. If I could go again I would in a heartbeat. go!

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Consider giving your wife two tickets, and giving her the gift of going with someone else who would enjoy it.

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Phantom of the Opera. Not so namby pamby as a lot of them.

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Actually, I think all of the previous suggestions are great.

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Wow, there are so many choices, I just don’t know what is on Broadway at the moment.

Jersey Boys (singing, no jazz hands)
The Drowsy Chaperone (hysterical)

Also just checked what’s on Broadway and there is a show called Rain which is a Beatles tribute and there is also a Spiderman show featuring songs by Bono and the Edge.

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Okay, I had a quick look at what’s playing on Broadway in December, and I’ll definitely second @iamthemob‘s suggestion of In The Heights and @deni‘s suggestion of Fela!.

If you’re not into traditional musical theatre, what are you into? At the one end is The Phantom of the Opera, at the other is American Idiot. I’m not sure if your wife would enjoy that second one (but if she likes that sound, you could also see Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson)

If you go see Jersey Boys at least you’ll know the songs. Then again, it is a jukebox musical, so your wife may not be so interested.

You could also look up La Cage Aux Folles. I’m not sure if it’s to your tastes, but it is insanely funny and very entertaining.

There’s also Next to Normal, which I don’t like, but is still very popular. It occasionally sounds like musical theatre, but there are no jazz hands in sight. If your wife knows anything about contemporary musicals, she would have heard of it. Is this a surprise present, or can you involve her in the decision?

One final suggestion from me: The Lion King. I’ve never been to see it because Disney musicals are more expensive than others, but it’s a great show.

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@iphigeneia The Lion King is amazing. I think anyone would like it.

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@iphigeneia Great Answer!
I’ve seen most of what’s currently on Broadway and would also recommend Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson or American Idiot.

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