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Were you ever attached to a stuffed animal or blanket when you were little?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) October 7th, 2010

My little girl loves her stuffed “Brobee” doll from Yo Gabba Gabba and needs to sleep with it every night. I still have “Ducky”, my stuffed animal

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No. I had so many sisters that anything I loved was trashed pretty fast.

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Yes, I’m told that I was inseparable from my Snoopy dog when I was little.

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No, but I was attached to my mother’s uterus.

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I had a few Scrooge McDuck stuffed animals (he was my hero when I was very little), a teddy bear named cuddles, a velveteen rabbit, and a few blankets that I was very attached to. I still have all of them.

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I had a pound puppy I was attached to when I was little. I finally stopped being attached to it when I was around 10.

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Nah! We were too poor. I was lucky to have a blanket;\)

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Oh yes. My first attachment was to a blanket with the Disney babies on it. I slept with it every night and even brought it with me on car rides. When I was a little older, I became attached to a stuffed cat of mine that I still have today (I actually around 6 special stuffed cats, with one of them being more special than the others). I slept with that cat all the way until middle school. ^_^

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Finally. Something I can remember. Yes, I was and I still own both. My bear was Mr. Fluffstuff and he’s not so fluffy anymore. My blanket was a pink one with satin trim. After my aneurysm my other dug them out of my hope chest (cedar chest) to see if I could remember them. I couldn’t recall the name right away, but I vaguely remembered them. The blanket is worn with holes. I can’t imagine parting with it now. Not when it helped me remember things.

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I have a baby blanket my Great Grandmother made me when I was born. I still sleep with it and I’m actually in the process of making one much like it for my daughter. Never very connected to a stuffed animal though. I guess the blanket was super special because she sewed it by hand. It took her over a year.

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I used to have a stuffed animal cat that I loved and would take it everywhere with me. My brother would take it away trying to tease me and I would scream at the top of my lungs until I got it back.

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Just the typical teddy bear till I was about 12.
My daughter was the same way only worse. I could sleep without mine from time to time. Not a big deal but when she was little, she wouldn’t go anywhere without her teddy. She swore he would get lonely and cry without her. (I believe she meant herself.) So whenever we took a trip anywhere he had to come along for the ride and be buckled in for safety next to her. He even required a blanket whenever it was cold.

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I was given a stuffed toy rabbit on the day I was born, and I had it until it literally fell to bits.

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Yes, I once fell in love with a dog that looked like Lady from Lady and the Tramp. I started saving my money for it, but when I nearly died in the hospital from a botched appendectomy, Santa Claus brought me the dog, in person.

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i had a funky blanket that i hated mama to wash called a “ninny” and a stuffed bear named “Bosco.”

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@Pandora Aww. I think thats adorable.

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I was very attached to my Cabbage Patch doll, who came with the name Josepha Adora. I was in 2nd grade at the very height of Cabbage Patch mania, where they were selling out faster than stores could stock them. It was the first thing in my life that I wanted so badly I could taste it.. I would have done anything for one. My mom said if I got good grades, she’d get me one and she did.. so Josepha came with me everywhere for a few years.

I cannot believe I am going to admit this to the whole wide world, but here goes.. I got a stuffed bear for Christmas when I was 9 and he was soooo soft. This was around the time my Cabbage Patch kid interest began to wane and I have slept with him ever since. He’s big enough for snuggling with and also doubles as a second pillow when I’m reading in bed.

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@Mom2BDec2010 Yeah, well I hated when Teddy told her there were monsters in her room. No one woud get any sleep unless I went to bed with them or took her and teddy to bed with us. Which wasn’t to be of a problem except teddy was a bed hog and didn’t like us crowding him. And dad had to make sure not to roll on Teddy. The drama could be large at times. :))
If you ever tried to tell her he wasn’t real she would cry like she was at a funeral because you hurt teddies feelings and he was crying. Yes it was cute but somedays you wanted to stuff teddy in the garbage disposal. Especially if you lost sleep because of it.

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Yup. I had a little polar bear who had been sewn into a sitting position. He had fringey hair—what’s the word for that? Anyway, it stuck out in little tufts and I used to tickle my nose with that all the time. I don’t know why that was a self-soothing thing, but it’s what I did.

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I had an orange dog named Orange Juice. I didn’t have to have it, but I was very fond of it.

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I slept with my sheepskin until I was 12. I hate to think how many times that thing’s been peed/vomited on.

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I was attached to a pillow. I got it way back in France when I was like four, from some people in this Summer cottage that my parents borrowed sometimes for a week or two, and they had a shitload of pillows. I was like WOOOOW and they told me to choose one I could keep. I picked this brown one with flower patterns on it. It was all fat and soft. Kept it until I was about 16 or so.
Later, living in Winnipeg, I went to sleep over at a friend’s house and I forgot my pillow there when I left…her mom died like two days later, so when I next saw her, I really didn’t want to ask about the pillow…some few weeks after the funeral, we pretty much parted ways. And I lost the pillow. We did meet some years after in our early 20’s, and she’s like, oh yeaaah that pillow…sorry man, I have no clue.

But yeah I still miss my pillow. I miss my friend, too lol.

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@tranquilsea I can relate. 5 little sisters and I have NO stuffed animals left :(

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Beanie (a blanket Mom made) and Kitty (a snow white stuffed animal). Beanie, and his successors, had a satin binding that I’d suck on until it disintegrated. Kitty suffered similar consequences and turned into a balding and dingy gray cat.

Dad brought home a small stuffed bear he picked up on a trip to Germany, which I still have. It turns out that Squeaky is a Steiff toy animal.

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Surprisingly, I don’t think that I had a toy I was inseparable from. I know that I had two dolls I frequently toted around the house (a soft bodied doll named Melissa and a Cabbage Patch whose name I cannot remember at all), but I carried on just fine without them. My younger brother kept his baby blankets (which were my baby blankets first) well into his big-kid years. We teased him lovingly :)

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I had a fluffy white kitty that had the softest fur! I had it with me when I transitioned into foster care before going to live with my grandparents. Then it got fleas from the home where I was staying- they washed it, but it ruined the soft, fluffy fur! Whaa! It was never the same, but I still loved and cuddled him because didn’t want him to feel rejected! I think I still have him in my attic with some of my other childhood treasures.

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23 and still sleep with blankey. that’s right, i said it. and i KNOW i’m not the only one.

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I still have my baby blanket. I still cuddle and sleep with Fatso, which I’ve been doing for 20 years. And, like @Samantha_Rae said: That’s right. And no, she’s not the only one. :D

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@Samantha_Rae and @DrasticDreamer My sister was 23 when she got married, and Mom told her that under no circumstances was she allowed to take her blanky on the honeymoon.

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