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Is this the beginning of the end of John Cena's run as the top face in the WWE?

Asked by Jabe73 (4010points) October 7th, 2010

I’m not sure how many wrestling fans are on here, I know it’s fake but I still love to watch it. Do you think with John Cena being forced into NEXTUS the WWE is gearing up for an eventual heel turn for Cena in the near future? If so who do you think will be the next big face to replace him?

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I think I’m a former WWE fans now since this kind of show has been banned from my country due to violence issue. But from what I see now John Cena is about to loose his pride and will eventually leave that place like any other ‘kings’ of the period. Is it really that fake? Well I don’t know but many of the audience believe that it’s a reality (think about how they slam each other and those blood). This is the indication “If one leaves the ‘RAW’ and enter the ‘Smackdown’ that means he/she has gradually lost his/her popularity”.

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@Your_Majesty The “reality” thing was not the issue here. Just a simple question.

Now I know to never ask a wrestling question on Fluther again.

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@Jabe73 the “reality” thing is the issue. Those performers go from face to heel multiple times during their career. Stone Cold, The Rock, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, and many others become extremely popular as a face only to make a heel turn. Planned all along sometimes months before the heel turn actually took place. Cena takes a heel turn for a while to build up someone else then takes another face turn. All fake, all predetermined, Just a male soap opera where the whole world takes place in the ring. Cena is being forced just like the rest of them. They are actors playing a role that someone else made up for them.

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@Mikewlf337 Did you actually read my question, didn’t I acknowledge I knew wrestling was fake? It was a real simple question that I asked in fun and good spirits, not to hear wrestling is actors.—Duh I already know that.—I was hoping there were a few wrestling fans on Fluther but I guess not. I do not appreciate such a simple innocent question being attacked, if you don’t like wrestling than don’t answer the dam question. The reality thing wasn’t the issue, it was a real simple question.

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they wouldn’t turn cena heel if he was the last wrestler on earth (much to my dismay(I am personally not a fan of him as a whole)) he’s a cash cow and the ‘face’ of the anti-attitude era. I’m a little late to this discussion so the whole Nexus issue has been played out but 2nd behind Cena as the head face would be Randy Orton in my opinion.

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