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Is knowledge power?

Asked by YellowsubmarineOnfluther (152points) October 7th, 2010


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Now, .., if I told you…....(?)

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Yes, but so are guns, hatred, violence etc.

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Yes. Absolutely yes.

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I think so. I feel superior to ignorant people. :) Even though I’m not the brightest crayon in the box

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of course it is.
here’s a tip from a dude that’s been ‘round the block a couple times: if you can react to things in junior high like a well-grounded parent would react, you could be rich or even president.

it’s that “if i knew then what i know now” syndrome. when you look back on life and all the silly concepts you had instead of just listening to adults in the first place, the wisdom is priceless.

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Yes,the most unlimited and versatile power.

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No. Certain phenomena happen in a person’s life which allow them to analyze things in ways which others can’t; that’s true power as you can gain all the knowledge in the world with such ability. An autodidact will understand life more than somebody who is simply spoon fed knowledge in courses and pleased with doing so… Knowledge itself is useless. Analytical ability is greater than knowledge.

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I would agree that knowledge is a form of power.

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Yes to a certain extent. Knowledge is power if you could do something with it. Like, it is power when you can write a letter or read a book or work out a budget, etc.

Knowledge is not power and could even be crippling if it is something that you could not stop. Death and taxes are two, but there are others.

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I look at it like “more knowledge” equals “less weakness” but real power doesn’t exist anyway.

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For the common everyday guy or girl, knowledge helps, but power…to some degree i guess. Sometimes knowledge can be the opposite. My grandfather said many times, “there is another educated fool!” loll Knowledge without wisdom is useless to a large degree. We all have seen very smart people that could not find the front door.

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That’s what they say.

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@zen are you saying word, you agree with me or are you just posting the word, word? Kind of like how I did up at the top to try to trigger a converstation of perspective. I dont think you understood why I posted word.

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I always think a post of simply “word” means “I want to have a word with the previous poster.” So, Zen, do you want to have a word with me?

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Now, you too yellowsubmarine. :O

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Only if you are able to put that knowledge to use. If you receive knowledge about a problem, but can’t do anything about it, then knowlege equals pain, not power.

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