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Does it look funny to you when grizzled gray-haired guys do raging rock-and-roll?

Asked by ETpro (34482points) October 7th, 2010

Maybe you are old enough to remember when those guys were teens or twenty somethings. Maybe you are young but you’ve seen enough tapes of the days of Turn on, tune in, and drop out. You’ve seen what Woodstock looked like. Does it strike you as strange to see some of the Woodstock generation still gyrating on the stage?

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I love seeing dinosaurs like the Grateful Dead or Rolling Stones up on stage doing their thing – it gives me hope that when I get old I’ll still have the passion and enthusiasm that I did when I was young.

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I saw Iggy Pop for his 60th birthday shows in San Francisco, few people can hold a candle to that who are much younger than he.

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Are you talking about Rod Stewart that way ? ? ? ?


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As long as its good music who cares? :)

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I’m just there for the music ;)

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It doesn’t look strange to me because I think of older, possibly gray-haired, people when I hear certain types of music. Music that the youngins play now is so different! I hope I am still gyrating in my golden years- however, I am more likely to still be doing the Cabbage Patch or Running Man….!

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Depends on the musician. Some look tired and some don’t.

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@FutureMemory & @KhiaKarma Great answers, and for an old guy like me, those thoughts fire up my engines to see them too. Like the saying goes, I may have some snow on the chimney now, but there’s still a fire in the fireplace.

@Tropical_Willie Not picking on anyone in particular. I sill love ‘em all. I’m a War baby, born before the baby boom began.

@Mom2BDec2010 & @lucillelucillelucille That’s the spirit.

@aprilsimnel True. THey have to still look like they really mean it.

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Not if you’re the same age or older than they are, and you grew up with their music.

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@Austinlad I’m older than most. Just checking how others react. Me, “It’s only rock and roll but I like it!”

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It’s what I’m going to be doing and don’t care if it looks funny. I already look like a 2×4 when I dance anyways.

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If they still have teenage groupies, they probably don’t care how they look to me.

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Age is just a number, what counts is your attitude and how you feel about yourself. A few months ago I (aged 44) was in a club dancing to techno when a lad in his early twenties came up to me and said, quite aggressively “Don’t you think you’re too old to be in a club?”. “No”, I replied, “but when you’re my age, you will be.”

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Not at all. I’m fast approaching the grizzled grey hair stage myself and I still love to rock out.

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not necessarily, but the phrasing of the question sure made me chuckle.

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If they still got it, who cares? whatever they are playing has got to be better than the so-called music of today. rock on!

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Yeah but it’s not half as funny as when grizzled grey haired old women flirt with young men. I mean, shut up dear show some decorum!

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@john65pennington there’s lots of good new music today. It’s not played on most radio stations, though and you have to seek it out. My husband’s brother is just out of college age and he is always bringing us great stuff….but it is different from back then. Just saying something about it so you don’t close yourself off from looking for new stuff. :)

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No, not funny. Mostly pleased those guys are still breathing and sounding great ! But if they have toupees it sometimes can look a little creepy I guess.

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@ucme Seems to me there are a ton of hot cougars out there.

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