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Do you ever have dreams so intense that you wake up in the middle of the night?

Asked by KeithWilson (833points) October 7th, 2010

Lately I’ve been having these dreams that wake me up in the middle of the night. Sometimes it happens two or three times a night. Is this common?

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This happens to me often. I can’t explain it except to say that sometimes I really enjoy remembering the dream. One night I dreamt of a man driving a car made out of orange peels. It was hilarious.

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2–3 times a night is a lot and can really disturb your sleep. Are you feeling more anxious than usual or have something significant going on right now? I was having dream problems for awhile and I kept a journal of the dreams. Once I noticed what the themes and patterns were and associated meaning to them, they lessened in their intensity. It was almost like my sub-conscious was saying “H e l l o….pay attention to what I am telling you!”

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HELL YES! It happens to me all of the time. I usually wake up in the middle of the night with me sweating, but I always look around looking for my sweet Amber, but she’s never there….It bring me to a temporary halt to find out what it would mean also. I never really know why I wake up to it. I mean I never usually wake up all tense and scared….But I’m not sure if this answer relates to what you’re having. Try not eating after you go to bed. maybe you have too much on your mind. Try relieving stress with something. That’s all I can say. Or at least what I think.

You know is it the same dream(s) that keep making you wake up like this?

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I’ve had this happen several times, all with a common thread. What wakes me up, is my own scream. In all of the dreams that wake me up, I am trying to scream for help from something or someone, but my lips wont separate. (I think this happens in the dream, because I sleep with my mouth closed). In the dream, I try with such force & anger to open my mouth, that the muffled scream that is held behind the lips, finally lets itself out the second I wake up & I hear myself scream for just a split second & then I stop. I am usually covered in sweat & my heart will be racing.

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I have that happen just about every night here lately.

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This used to happen to me all the time, but the intensity of my dreams has dulled. The come-down from those types of wakings was difficult.

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Yes. In fact the only time I remember dreams at all is when this happens. If I sleep all the way through without interruptions, and wake naturally, I don’t remember my dreams.

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@rpmpseudonym It sounds like you might be experiencing Sleep Paralysis. I occasionaly experience this; with me it’s the inability to move my limbs whilst in a dream where I’m attempting to run or swim or fight etc. I usually wake myself up, and partner, my shouting for help (though it’s only the final strangled cry as I properly wake up that makes it out of the dream and into reality).

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If it’s about sex…then yes. I once had a dream about a group of guys that was raping me,I wake up right away and realized that it was just a dream but somehow I feel good about it and hope I would be able to enjoy the whole story before I wake up.

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oh yes, once kicked my ex out of the bed from a nightmare….thought I was kicking a door down! Beware…

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@BoBo1946 that’s just how my husband used to dream. He would have nightmares of fighting or being chased. I was in the way once and POW!, right in the kisser. He also has fought his way right out of the bed onto the floor….BOOM!. That one I didn’t mind to muchXD>

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@AmWiser loll… it’s actually very embarrassing! For some reason since she left, I don’t have nightmares anymore…. don’t know the signifcance of that! Fortunately, I did not hurt her. Now, looking back, it’s funny!

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Yes and usually they are dreams that aren’t particularly nice which makes me scared to go back to sleep.

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For a long time I had dreams that I ran my car into the back of a white Ford work van and died.It would jolt me awake every time.It hasn’t happened in awhile but when I do see those vans on the road I stay clear. ;)

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…...with a raging hard on? Yeah sometimes. I really must stop watching ladies boxing right before bedtime :¬)

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Yeah I remember when I was really little a couple times a month I would wake up in the middle of the night crying from my dreams. I still occasionally wake up from my dreams but very rarely.

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I have very unhappy dreams about Vietnam about once every six months or so. : ((

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Yes, sometimes I get some really scary or disturbing dreams that wake me up. Once, it was that my house was bombed, and just as the bomb exploded I woke up! That was some crazy stuff….

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All the time actually. They’re not always bad, but a lot of the time the dreams are so vivid because I woke up and then went back to sleep.

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