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Why do I keep dreaming about random things from the past?

Asked by johnny0313x (1840points) September 8th, 2009

Lately, I would say the past 2 weeks or so I keep having dreams. I never remember my dreams ever, but these I can remember very clear. The 3 I remember the most vividly all surround around things from my past and odd things is each one keeps going deeper and deeper put bringing elements from my past to the future. For example:

Dream 1: Involved my last roommate and we moved into a situation that we would both normally never live in. I have not talked to my old roommate in months though and when we moved in we both had futons as our beds which I had for a few years as a teenager. The living arrangement was with one other guy and he was very odd, enough to creep me out a little and the apt got darker and more broken down as the dream went on. Then I woke up kinda freaked out.

Dream 2: Involved my ex GF which I haven’t talked to in months(dated years ago) and she was actually some kind of famous person and I was going with her to some kind of event but it was very toned down to my normal attire that I would wear now and felt like it was at my current age. This dream was kind of funny but I woke up feeling a little odd for some reason.

Dream 3: Involved my mom and living in our very old house(actually it was rented) The house was a transition to my parents buying there own house and was very very small.
I walked into this house to find my mom, grandma, and aunt all sitting at the table and I was like what is everyone doing here, we don’t live here anymore and my mom shrugged. More bizarre I haven’t talked to my grandma or aunt since my dad passed away 3 years ago. I haven’t thought about this house in over 7 years never mind seeing it. I walked through every room and as I walked into each room it was like waves of memories from each room came back to me(placement of furniture etc.) (except the bathroom had things that an old woman would use and I thought they belonged to the person that currently lived there) My dog that I have now was with me and as I walked out of the bathroom my mom was the only person in the house and she was getting ready for bed. We exchanged words about where the person that should be living there was and my mom said that in this town you can come and go as you please but in a really odd manner then walked into the bedroom.
Here is where it gets weird, I walked downstairs and my dog followed. The basement was set up slightly different then I remember and there was wooden stairs leading into the dark of what looked like a room being built in the basement that was set up from the floor. I walked up the stairs and pushed the door open. It was pitch black and then I could hear what sounded like a door in the back of the underconstruction room and someone walking on the floor board past that room. They were walking slow but steady and my dog went to run in. I grabbed him and went back upstairs and just saw my mom standing there listing up at the ceiling. I looked at her (at this point my heart was racing and I was kind of scared) We both looked at each other and I said mom what is that, there is someone up there, and then I woke up.

Sorry for the long descriptions but I thought they might help. The weird part is all 3 of these dreams had me wake up in fear to an extent or an extreme state of confusion. I never ever remember dreaming and I certainly don’t dream about things from my past when I do. Any ideas why this could all be starting? Also from Dream 1 – Dream 3 they keep going further back in time.

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Has there been any recent change in your diet or any medication(s)? Are you under any type of stress at the moment? These are things that can trigger dreams to be more vivid and seemingly relevant.

I will leave the interpretations to others with more knowledge in that area.

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I have been trying to eat healthier lately, going to the gym, I am always very stressed at work and have not been sleeping well to start. I have been having trouble falling asleep but then sometimes I will just kind of fall asleep randomly like when I lay down on the bed or couch for a little from being so tired. Other then that, everything is pretty much the same.

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Dream 1— Be careful who you sleep with and whose company you keep. The futons and living arrangements all seem casual and beds are often sex. These beds are easily gotten into or folded up casually. The end seems unfulfilled and less than glamorous by the seedy and ramshackle decor.

Dream 2— This girl seems like someone you may have placed on a pedestal. Not altogether negative or positive depending on how you viewed yourself. You seemed like down to earth and authentic, which would be good but it depends on how you saw yourself. Did you feel less than her at one point?

Dream 3— The main floor is your every day conscious world and of those around you. The basement is the subconscious and your desire to understand certain things about your self. Your new interest in going “in to the depths” is shown by the new room but still under construction. The fear is the fear of the unknown aspects of yourself and their capacity to harm you. There is nothing to fear though. They actually do greater harm left in the dark. Talking to your Mom shows that you have support to do some exploration. Also maybe your feminine side is revealing itself as guide.

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@SeventhSense funny enough that futon or at least the one I used have in real life was where I first had sex lol

about dream 2 I was like her assistant or manager of sometype and I did put her on a pedestal, I was in love with her for like 12 years of my life lol. Now are just casual friends that talk here and there and I am very okay with that.

For dream 3 I guess that would make some sense because lately I have been a bit confused about myself in general, kind of trying to figure some stuff out and figure out where to go next but not really understanding how to get there sort of. I could go deeper about it but I don’t think anyone would care lol

Well I suppose your explanation of the dreams make sense. Thanks for the info. It’s weird how reality manifests itself into dreams sometimes. Do you think these dreams will stop or will more things keep unfolding?

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I’m sure more will be revealed since you are simply asking. Many ideas have been revealed to people through dreams who would have no knowledge of them in their waking lives.
Check out Edgar Cayce

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Dreams are a way of purging our emotions in a safe way.

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When you start dreaming about random future events, let us know.

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It’s always best for a physician to heal himself first. Insight into oneself is far more practical than parlor tricks and far beyond most people’s understanding anyway.

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Are you taking SRI’s or anti-depressants?

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nope no meds

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im anti meds but pro alchohol

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Stress does this kind of thing to me.

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They all have a common theme. People you haven’t seen or thought of in a while.
#1 I think the darkness and creep factor may be the way you feel about the relationship. You either felt uncomfortable living together or you feel your relationship has desolved.
#2 You felt there was something special about this girl but she doesn’t fit who you are today, but you do miss her or you miss who you use to be.
#3 I think the new owners not being there means your afraid of losing the people you have left who are dear to you.
You feel your family is getting smaller and you may not have much time with them left. Dogs are trusting animals so maybe the fact that he wanted to go investigate is your minds way of saying, take the steps necessary to reunite with the people you love. Trust your instincts.
Have you been contemplating lately about changes in your life?
If so, its probably what is sticking in your mind before you sleep and so your having these dreams to remind you of the people you should let go and why and those you shouldn’t.

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