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Has anyone used those "Kitty Caps" - little plastic covers for cat claws?

Asked by llewis (1457points) October 7th, 2010

One of my cats loves to wake me up about 2-ish every morning by clawing the carpet, the bed, the throw rug – anything to be destructive. I usually get up and shut her up in the far bathroom so I can’t hear her complain, but this is really old. I got some of the little claw covers – I think I got them on okay, but was wondering if anyone had used them and might have some tips for me. Thanks!

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No. With my cats they clawed a little, well maybe more than a little, on things but I tolerated it. They generally kept their claws under control scratching them on trees, etc. outside most of their lives. When they got older and couldn’t attend to them so much, as happens with people when they get old too, I clipped their claws. They didn’t like it at first but we worked it out. I ended up having to clip my Dad’s toenails when he got to be a certain age too. Neither of us like that, but we worked it out. :-) Any reason you can’t clip their claws? The cap things always seemed like a lot of bother to me.

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Yeah. It’s insanely hard to get them on enough that they don’t fall of within 30 seconds, and even then they fall off within 3 days. I’ve had people suggest taking the cat to the vet so the vet can put the caps on, but somehow paying 60 dollars every week for your vet to do it and all the money it takes to clean the car from the cats peeing in terror seems like it would end up being more expensive than just buying all new furniture every year. Just clip their claws once a week.

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I’d be in the ER if I tried to put those on my cats.

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I don’t think they’re meant to be practical, I think they’re just one of the those daft fashion accessories for pets that rake in lots of money from gullible fashionista’s who have more money than sense :-/ just get the clippers out & play with the cat more to tire em out.

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I clip all of my indoor cats’ claws (we have 5 indoor cats, and 3 wanna-bes outside – don’t clip them, trying to give them to someone for barn cats). Just having them shorter doesn’t help in terms of the things she likes to claw.

I got the caps on Chairman Mau’s front paws, and they worked as far as keeping her from shredding the box springs, but having her in the bedroom for the rest of the night kept us awake – she thought it meant PLAYTIME!!! So far only one cap has come off. I guess I’ll wait and see whether this is something I continue.

I know the caps have worked for other cats with scratching problems, which is why I wanted to try them. But after last night, we’re seriously thinking of converting the guest room into a kennel room and putting ALL of them in there at night, each in their own little compartment!

One cat is diabetic, and my husband has to get up and feed her a couple of times a night – I can’t deal with the sleep interruption. If we set up her timer overnight, her buddy comes and eats her food.

Thank you for taking the time to reply! :)

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It’s a two person job when we do it, but they work really well, and usually stay on for 4–5 weeks (we occasionally have to replace an odd one here and there).

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We bought them months ago ..but haven’t used them yet, lol. But, yeah, when I did my research before buying them ..they are suppose to last about a month. And, I’d imagine it’s a two person job like @syz said. At least with our cats it would be.
Out of curiosity, did anyone put them on all paws… or just the front?

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