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Why has my pen drive stopped working?

Asked by sakura (8267points) October 8th, 2010

When I plug my pen drive into the usb a bubble message comes up saying that the computer does not recognise the device and that windows doesn’t recognise the problem. The red light that usually shows when it is plugged in flashes very faintly, when message appears, then isn’t there any more. HELP! Although I have most of my work backed up there are things on it that haven’t been as I was at work on my laptop and about to save- 2 hours work GONE! I know it’s a lesson learned to keep saving in 2 places but useful answers would be appreciated.

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Sometimes I will see this with some USB devices and I resolve it by plugging into a different USB port… one on the back instead of the front etc. Sounds strange I know, but some USB ports just won’t install a device and others will (this coming from a guy who works in desktop support).

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It may be possible to recover the information that was on your hard drive. If you’re out of all other options, try this:
1. If you can, format your pen drive.
2. Use “Data Recovery Wizard”
3. Umm… There is no “three”... Have just two points sounded kinda lame in my head :P

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thanks guys I’ll give all your suggestions try tomorrow… hubby has just taken me out for a meal to make me feel better :)

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