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Were the original bulldogs actually bred as cattle-working dogs?

Asked by Strauss (22079points) October 8th, 2010

Inspired by this question…

I know that many breeds were originated for a specific use (e.g., Dalmatians were originally used to keep other dogs from nipping at the heels of the horses, other breeds for hunting, herding, etc).

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According to this, they are descended from the Mastiffs, which were bred in Asia for bringing down aggressive prey. The bullys were bred to bait bulls – particularly, they needed a slanted nose so they could bite down on a bull’s nose, and still be able to breathe without letting go until the bull suffocated.

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Yep all of the above, and along with dalmations etc. became members of the AKC Non Sporting Group composed of dogs who once had a job but have become redundant! Non in that group I would want for my own but many are very popular.

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I have an Olde English Bulldogge, and he’s wonderful (if really, really slobbery).

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I had a friend who raised bulldogs and yep there were sweet and slobbery. Just none there that strike my fancy, but look at me, I have a dingo who wears mardi gras masks sometimes and orange bows others, go figure!

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