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If my female puppy had a false heat as her first heat, does that mean she won't be a good candidate for breeding later?

Asked by derdriu (26points) September 3rd, 2008
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Ni, it means that she was probably too young to be considered for breeding. Make sure she’s physically mature before putting her through the stress of being bred.

That said, why would you want to breed her? There is no good reason to breed a dog unless it will in some way improve the standards of that breed. If she has been shown to be an excellent example of her breed, if she’s had her hips and eyes tested for genetic defects, and if she’s been checked for communicable disease transmission, only then should you give serious consideration as to whether she needs to reproduce. There are way too many animals being destroyed on a daily basis because of overbreeding to be putting new puppies out there on a whim.

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Brava, syz! I totally agree. I wish home breeding was banned in this country as it is in Britain.

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