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What could these symptoms be indicative of?

Asked by MandyJane71 (12points) October 8th, 2010

Anybody know what this could be? Red spots appear on my legs and arms only. Joint pain and extreme fatigue. last 2 or 3 days then disappears. It’s incredibly debilitating!! Any ideas?

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Have you been outdoors a lot this summer? Sounds like it could be Lyme disease.

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What exactly do the red spots look like? Are they just red bumps or do they look more like blisters? Have you have anything like this in the past? Do you have any other symptoms? It’s really hard to say without seeing them. Have they appeared more than once? Have you talked to a doctor about it yet?

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How frequently do they appear? Is it monthly? Or more frequently? How many times total has this happened? Are the spots like a rash? Have you tried applying pressure with a glass to see if they disappear or not when doing so?

If you are having them frequently, it may be an idea to keep a diary, perhaps with what food you are eating or what places you are going… heck, even what clothes you are wearing (I’m trying to cover every possible external influence)... then you may be able to trace any possible triggers…

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It could be a lot of things (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is one). Go see a doctor.

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Thanks for all the responses – the red rash/spots aren’t raised or itchy, just red spots (not blisters – skin isn’t broken at all). This comes and goes irregularly, sometimes 6 months between episodes, sometimes 3 weeks – thought it might be fibromyalgia or lupus? An auto immune response of some sort? Have had blood tests – nothing picked up.
It just leaves me so exhausted and feeling like an arthritic old woman – could literally spend the whole time in bed – it makes me that tired..
M x

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