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Does an American Sovereign State exist in America, today?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) October 9th, 2010

Are any of the the United States actually a sovereign state? Is there any one state that does not accept Federal money on a regular basis? I sometimes hear politicians state “The Great Sovereign State of _______!” Question: Do soverieign states really exist in America? If so, how do they survive without the assistance of The Federal Government?

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There is a state sovereignty movement. I think that Montana is involved. I don’t think that it’s actually resulted in sovereign states yet; they’re still testing the waters.

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Vermont had a meeting in their state house sometime within the past few years to discuss the idea of becoming its own republic. Don’t know how much they’ve moved towards sovereignty to get to that point yet, but that’s definitely a state to look at in those regards.

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no, the NWO is here.

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@matt2001 Dear heavens, let’s hope not.

I find the idea of fifty sovereign states somewhat romantic.

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