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Any pros or cons on the new profiles?

Asked by Gamrz360 (1008points) October 9th, 2010

Is there anything about the profiles that you like or that you don’t like?

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I like them. I like knowing what my most popular questions and answers are.

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I have a question about the ‘greatest answers/questions’ thing. How are those determined? Is it based just on the amount of ga’s & gq’s? Because I have a couple answers with more ga’s than the ones currently listed in my ‘greatest answers’. Just wondering. Thanks.

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The algorithm looks for your greatest questions and answers from the last three months. If it can’t find any or can’t find three it supplements them with ones from any time. I personally really like the last three months thing since it means the questions and answers will slowly change over time so looking at a profile will always give you a fresh perspective on a person.

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I want my big avatars back. Why did the profile images have to be made smaller?

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Oooooo, I didn’t notice. Going to check it out now!

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@AstroChuck That’s strange, my profile pic is larger now. What browser are you using?

I actually came to this thread to give thanks for the bigger profile pics.

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I can no longer find a way to add new topics to my profile when I edit. It will allow me to delete ones already there, or make them private, but I cannot find a place to add new ones.

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@AstroChuck: The profile pic is smaller on the mobile version (a la iPhone) and larger on the full browser version.

I (like Chuck) access Fluther on my iPhone and miss the larger avatar pic.

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@cprevite Less of me for you to lurve, sigh.

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Just curious…Why does my community feed only show that people have been added to a Fluther? I used to like seeing which Great Answers or Great Questions people got, it would often take me to interesting threads I hadn’t explored before.

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@JilltheTooth It’s a bug. It’ll be fixed by Monday.

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@timtrueman : Oh! OK, then. Thanks.

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I love the new profiles. I am excited and look forward to being able to use topics properly!

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How do you post your topics on here? I’ve only been able to post the story part. The set-up on this site is different than I’m used to.

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@Paradox at the moment you can’t add topics directly in your profile, but if you find one you like on someone else’s profile, or at the bottom of a question, you can click it and add it.

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I just noticed this too! Weirdly, some of the “places I’ve lived” turned into topics. but not all of the places I had listed did (the more interesting places just vanished). Hopefully I can put them back at some point…

Edit: I searched for those places so I could re-add them as topics, but not all of them exist :(

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